This Is The Mugshot Of A Meth Addict Who Splashed His Face With Toilet Water

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Finally, a headline with the words "meth" and "toilet water" in it.

rick perry

Rick Perry Was All Smiles For His Booking And Then He Got Some Ice Cream

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Texas Governor Rick Perry turned himself in on charges of abuse of power today, and he followed it up with a delicious scoop of ice cream.


This Man Posed For A Mugshot While Wearing A T-Shirt With His Mugshot On It

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This guy was heading to serve a jail sentence, but thankfully he didn't let that get him down.


A Mascara-Smearing Teen Girl Took The Saddest Mugshot Ever

By | 12 Comments

A teen girl in Missouri that looks the way I feel when Sarah McLachlan's sad animals commercial is on TV.


And Now She’s Fired: WWE Just Released Emma (Updated)

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WWE Diva Emma has been released, following Monday's arrest for shoplifting an iPhone case from a Hartford WalMart.


Women On Facebook Are Losing Their Sh*t Over This Sexy Mugshot Posted By The Stockton Police

By | 37 Comments

The Stockton Police Department just found a cover model for their "Sexiest Criminals" 2015 calendar.

Silly Crime

This Alabama Caveman Was Having A Great Time Before The Police Showed Up

By | 7 Comments

You know someone is in the middle of a serious party when he decides to wear a caveman getup in the middle of Alabama.


The Florida Woman Known As The ‘Attractive Convict’ Is Suing Over Invasion Of Privacy

By | 18 Comments

The Florida woman who rose to meme legend as the 'Attractive Convict' is fed up with websites using her mugshot for profit.

#Justin Bieber

Here’s Justin Bieber’s Mugshot


Fresh off the Miami Beach Police Twitter account.


The Mugshot Of The Week Comes To Us From C-L-E-M-S-O… N!

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There's no better way to show your pride for the Clemson Tigers than by showing up with a head tattoo of the team's logo in your mugshot.


Google Is Finally Going After Those Blackmail-y Mugshot Websites

By | 7 Comments

Mugshot websites can charge up to $400 to remove your loitering arrest from the Internet. And Google has had enough.


Vodka Samm's .341 BAC Mugshot Is Magnificent

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Vodka Samm's mugshot is as great as Vodka Samm's story.


Woman arrested for invalid license really likes Shrek

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While perusing <a href="" target="_blank">TheSmokingGun</a>'s collection of the week's best mugshots, I found one movie related.


Teen Tripping On Acid Claims To Be God, Asks Cops To Cut His Penis Off

By | 7 Comments

The teen who tripped on acid and claimed to be God has Florida written all over it.


Meme Watch: ‘Attractive Convict’ Will Drive Away…With Your Heart

By | 8 Comments

A collection of the best images from the "Attractive Convict" meme.


South Carolina Woman Arrested For Selling VHS Porn Door-To-Door

By | 19 Comments

One of the reasons that I haven’t watched any news programs in months is because it’s just depressing to see how many people in this country are hurting from the recession and how few people can find decent-paying jobs to care for their families.


Todd Helton's Arrest Adds Another Classic Photo To Our Athlete Mugshot Archives

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Few things gets us Interweb bloggy types more fired up than when an athlete gets arrested, as it gives us a chance to be indignant, poignant and self-righteous if that athlete hurt another person (or worse) or it allows us to make endless jokes at that athlete’s expense.

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