The Shining + Gangnam Style is the best thing you’ll see today. (Morning Links)

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You really can not go wrong with Psy and Gangnam Style, but even so, this mash-up of The Shining and Gangnam is pretty legit (The Psy-ning).


Muppet Teens


Just because they’re puppets doesn’t mean they’ll do whatever you want, dude.


The Muppets end Chick Fil-A partnership over their anti-gay stance

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I like to think of "anti-gay stance" as a humorous visual, but there's nothing funny about discrimination.


Children Used As Napkins (And Tuesday Morning Links)

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Yes, that's Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas picking his nose and wiping it on a child's face.


Börk Börk Börk!! The Swedish Chef Cooking Up Some Morning Links

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MORNING LINKS Hunger Games Review: The Future is Blurry |Film Drunk| The ‘Daily Show’ Blasts Media Coverage Of The Trayvon Martin Case |UPROXX| Quick Hits: Verdicts and Renewal Odds on 5 New Television Series |Warming Glow| 10 Athletes Who Would Have Been Greater If [...].


Our 40 Favorite Pop Reinterpretations By Hillary White


We've been meaning to do a round up of <a href="">Hillary White</a>'s funny classic art and pop culture mashups.


Creepy Got Milk? Ads Throughout the Years

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Here's something I learned today: Got Milk.


Happy Final Year

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That's an Aztec calendar.


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week


Mass Effect's Commander Shepard cosplayed by <a href="">Anais Roberts</a>.


Get Connected With Our Morning Links!


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This Jim Henson Tribute Art Show Rainbow Connects With Our Hearts


BEST BUDS by Mike Mitchell This weekend, Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles opened "The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me," a exhibition of Jim Henson tribute art to coincide with the release of <a href="">The Muppets</a> and the news of a Henson biopic in development.


Humpday Mashup Dump: Star Wars Edition


Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of <a href="">Alice Eve</a>.


Cyber Monday Morning Links

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It's Cyber Monday, everybody, and you know what that means.

#arrested development

God Bless The Morning Links

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Links What Tim Tebow Is Saying While He's Tebowing - "Jesusly" is an adjective (adverb.


Morning Links: Welcome Back, Arrested Development


Crap, this isn't what they're talking about, is it.

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