Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Watched A Friend Murder His Wife On FaceTime

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An aspiring rapper murdered his dancer wife, all while boxer Floyd Mayweater was reportedly watching.


A Teen Has Confessed To Murdering His Family Over A Measly Inheritance

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Alan Hruby, 19, may face the death penalty after murdering his father, mother, and sister over a measly $3,000.


A Teen Obsessed With ‘Dexter’ Was Sent To Prison For Murdering His Girlfriend

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Steven Miles loved "Dexter" so much, he decided to act like the Showtime serial killer.


If You Murder Someone, Don’t Ask Siri Where To Hide The Body

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Murder is bad. Murder then asking Siri where to hide the body is dumb.


A Teenage Girl Was Stabbed 65 Times By Her Best Friend Over Naked Facebook Photos

By | 19 Comments

Anel Baez "stabbed her friend in the back," then Erandy Elizabeth Gutierrez STABBED HER FRIEND IN THE BACK.


Two MMA Fighters Dead In Two Days. What Is Going On In Natal, Brazil?

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Natal, Brazil is home to several MMA fighters, and now, two murdered MMA fighters in as many days.


50 Questions About That One Disturbing As Hell M&M Commercial

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The Brown M&M set up the Red M&M to be murdered and/or sexually assaulted. This commercial is disturbing as hell.


A Brooklyn Musician Murdered His Bandmates After They Kicked Him Out Of The Group

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A member of the Iranian indie-rock group the Yellow Dogs murdered his former bandmates.


Kai The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker Is Wanted For Murder

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Internet hero Kai, the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker, is sought after in a murder case.


Publicist Murder Was a Robbery Gone Bad, Say Police

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The other day when I told you that the gun used by the only suspect in the murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen in his suicide didn't match the murder weapon, I wasn't talking out of my ass.


Publicist Murder Suspect Suicide May Just Have Been Random Crazy Guy

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After Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was shot five times on the way home from the Burlesque premiere, it seemed unlikely they'd catch the killer.


Suspect in Publicist Murder Commits Suicide

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(Serious Cat was among the first on the scene.


Pay For The Sex, Stay For The News

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They call it the world’s oldest profession - prostitution.


Music To Die For?

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Rappers think they are living the "gangsta" lifestyle? They should try singing a "narcocorrido" in Mexico. That's being gangsta!


Murder Rains

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According to the New York Times, if you like avoiding murder as much as the next guy, you may want to consider doing the majority of your outdoor tasks on rainy days.



By | 20 Comments

An Indianapolis woman was killed when she tried break up a swordfight between her grandson and brother in law.

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