Murs – “Road Is My Religion” Video

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Like <a href="">Gotty™ said</a>, it's a little uncalled for to release a visual for virtually every track on your album (especially when we're talkin' bout <a href="">a brick</a> here).

Roxy Reynolds

Murs – “Break Up (The OJ Song)” Video

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I guess partnering with Zune got Murs enough cheddar to keep <a href="">dropping video</a> <a href="">after video</a>.

Roxy Reynolds

Murs – “Part Of Me” Video

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And to imagine, <a href="">Roxy did this</a> to him.


Murs For Mayor…

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I guess these were released a little too early to make the final edit.


Murs For President EPK

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Free album with 9th, coming soon = Good money.

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