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Let Big Con’s ‘Get Swoll’ Be The Music Video That Inspires Your Change In 2014

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Bodybuilding rapper Big Con's new music video for 'Get Swoll' should inspire you to hit the gym and EXPLOOOOOOODE in 2014.


Russian Strongman Folds Frying Pan With Bare Hands


A Russian man rolls a frying pan up like a newspaper using only his bare hands and his thigh.


Jacked-Up Citi Field Muscleman Vs. A Bottle Of Aquafina. Who Ya Got?

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A jacked-up muscleman at New York's Citi Field tried to open a bottle of Aquafina and failed miserably. Bro, do you even drink?


Muscular Mets Fan Can’t Open Water Bottle


The camera catches a seemingly strong fan struggling to open a water bottle, and the announcers let him have it.


Old Spice: Muscle Music


Terry Crews uses his muscles to power musical instruments in this interactive new spot for Old Spice.

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