#Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The ‘Avengers’ Cast Guesses Their Co-Stars From Pictures Of Their Biceps

MTV's Josh Horowitz had some fun with the cast of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' using their co-stars from their biceps.

#music videos

Let Big Con’s ‘Get Swoll’ Be The Music Video That Inspires Your Change In 2014


Bodybuilding rapper Big Con's new music video for 'Get Swoll' should inspire you to hit the gym and EXPLOOOOOOODE in 2014.


Russian Strongman Folds Frying Pan With Bare Hands

A Russian man rolls a frying pan up like a newspaper using only his bare hands and his thigh.


Jacked-Up Citi Field Muscleman Vs. A Bottle Of Aquafina. Who Ya Got?


A jacked-up muscleman at New York's Citi Field tried to open a bottle of Aquafina and failed miserably. Bro, do you even drink?


Muscular Mets Fan Can’t Open Water Bottle

The camera catches a seemingly strong fan struggling to open a water bottle, and the announcers let him have it.


Old Spice: Muscle Music

Terry Crews uses his muscles to power musical instruments in this interactive new spot for Old Spice.

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