Former Fighter Genki Sudo Has Invaded Britain With ‘Informal Empire’

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Genki Sudo and World Order have released their newest video for 'Informal Empire' set in London, and it is, as expected, fantastic.


Guess Who’s Been Kicking It With One Direction Lately?

By | 5 Comments

Danny DeVito will be starring in One Direction's new music video.

Music Video

What Do You Do When You’re Stuck In The Airport Overnight? Make A Music Video Of Course!

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This man found himself all alone in a Las Vegas airport, so he decided to make a music video about his situation.


Sorry Chet Haze, But This Rap Ode To Tom Hanks Proves That The Old Man Is The O.G. Of The Family

By | 8 Comments

Tom Hanks proves he is the best rapper in his family with this hilarious new video. I always knew Hanks was a G.

#video games

Snoop Lion’s New Pokemon-Themed Video Is Super Effective


Well, OK, maybe it's not very effective. But either way, Snoop Lion's new video is pretty cool.


These Aspiring Rappers Filmed A Music Video In North Korea For Some Reason

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Aspiring DC rappers Pacman and Peso used Kickstarter to film a music video in North Korea.

#james franco

And Here’s The Side-By-Side Comparison Of Franco And Rogen’s ‘Bound 2′ Video Versus Kanye’s

By | 9 Comments

Well, the internet has come to the rescue with a side-by-side comparison of the two for your expert analysis.


Check Out The New Music Video For Ylvis’s Next Hit ‘Massachusetts’

By | 6 Comments

Hot on the heels of its first Billboard hit, the Norwegian comedy band Ylvis is back with the new video for "Massachusetts."

The Bullitts

This New Video By The Bullitts Has Michael K. Williams, Mos Def, Lucy Liu & Everyone Else You’ve Ever Loved

By | 3 Comments

The Bullitts "They Die At Dawn" Video is a who's who of people we love holding guns.

#shia labeouf

Shia LaBeouf Continues To Try Too Hard With New Bloody Music Video & Bizarre Self-Interivew

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Ever since he grew facial hair, Shia LaBeouf has seemingly been trying to distance himself from, well, Shia LaBeouf. Now he has a new sex film, a bloody music video and a weird self-interview out.


An Unnecessary But Totally Necessary GIF Wall Of Missy Elliott’s ‘The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)’ Video

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For some reason, there aren't many GIFs of Missy Elliott dancing in a trash bag back when she was still known as Misdemeanor. Let's change that, shall we?

world's largest penis

The Man With The World’s Largest Penis Complains ‘It’s Too Damn Big’ In New Music Video


Jonah Falcon, the man with the world's largest penis, recorded a song about his dong. Not only that, but it appears he went to a shopping mall to make a music video.


Here’s An Unecessary But Totally Necessary GIF Set Of The Water Morphing Scenes From TLC’s “Waterfalls”


"Waterfalls" was a defining song for TLC but the video was equally iconic - coming out at the height of MTV. Sadly there aren't GIFs of the video... until now.


John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John’s Christmas Music Video is Here!

By | 23 Comments

Before we start making fun of John Travolta, let's remember that he does a lot of charity work, recently <a href="" target="_blank">donating</a> money and supplies to Hurricane Sandy relief, and he's been known to fly planeloads of supplies to disaster areas like Haiti and Hurricane Katrina.

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