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The World's Largest Mustache

Ram Singh Chauhan boasts the world's longest mustache -- measuring over 14ft long.

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Nick Offerman’s Great Moments in Mustache History

Nick Offerman counts down the greatest moments in mustache history.

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Behold, Here Are The Manliest Portraits From The National Beard And Moustache Championships


The fourth annual National Beard and Moustache Championships took place earlier this month in New Orleans, and photographer Greg Anderson made it a point to capture stunning portraits of the competitors with the most glorious face fur.


The Caterpillar Mustache

A homeless gentleman is more than happy to show off his unique facial hair skills.


Instagram Of The Day: Kate Upton Made Chopstick Mustaches With Stacy Keibler & Maria Menounos


This Instagram image doesn't come with a lot of context -- all that accompanied it in its tweet was "Just girls bein girls" -- but hey, Kate Upton, Stacy Keibler and Maria Menounos hung out last night, all sat on the same side of the table (.


How to Kill a Mustache

Getting rid of a mustache is more complicated than you might think.


Aaron Rodgers Said Sam Elliott Has The Greatest Mustache Ever, Is Totally Right


As a grown adult male who has never been able to grow sufficient facial hair, I don’t typically handle news involving mustaches and beards very well, but if that news creates the opportunity to rank celebrity mustaches and/or beards then I can live with it.


A Mustache Doesn't Make You Creepy

Worried that growing a mustache for Movember might make you look creepy.

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Mustache Motivation From Nick Offerman

In honor of Movember, Nick Offerman offers some words of encouragement to those stuck in the early stages of growing a full mustache.

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How to Grow a Mustache

In honor of Movember, actor and renowned facial hair grower Nick Offerman gives some advice on how to grow a proper mustache.

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Introducing Your New Favorite Movie Drinking Game, Courtesy Of Emma Stone And A Mustache

Not only is it gloriously simple and ideal for second viewings of movies you love/hate, it may even make you feel better about drinking alone.

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IMPORTANT: You Can Own Ron Swanson's Actual Mustache


'Parks & Rec's' Nick Offerman shaved off his Ron Swanson mustache, and is auctioning it off for charity. THIS IS NOT A DRILL, PEOPLE. YOU CAN OWN RON SWANSON'S MUSTACHE.


Red Sox Management Says Bobby Valentine's Job Is Safe For The Year


Despite the team's on-field struggles and reports of growing dissension in the clubhouse, Red Sox team president Larry Lucchino stated earlier today that manager Bobby Valentine will remain with the team at least until the end of this season.


Jon Hamm And His New Mustache Will Guest Star On ‘Childrens Hospital’


The 'Mad Men' star will guest on the upcoming season of 'Childrens Hospital,' and he grew a sweet '30s era mustache for the role.


Lance Berkman Is Here To Party


Sure, the big baseball news right now is all about how Milwaukee Brewers slugger and 2011 National League MVP Ryan Braun beat the system and had his 50-game suspension overturned yesterday.


Derek Holland’s Mustache Delivered The Weather


Derek Holland was nothing more than just another Texas Rangers pitcher before he won our hearts during the 2011 World Series with his impression of Will Ferrell's impression of legendary Chicago Cubs announcer Harry Caray.

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“I’m Untouchable, Bitch”


Here at Warming Glow, we do not spend a great deal of time discussing Lifetime Original Movies.

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