hot dog race

‘Mustard’ Loses Pants During Hot Dog Race, Hilarity Ensues

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Mustard couldn't push through in yesterday's hot dog race. He's the LeBron James of condiments. One cramp and he's out of commission.


Alton Brown Came Up With An Amazing Solution To Annoying Condiment Containers In Your Refrigerator Door

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This life hack from Alton Brown will ensure that your mustard will never get stuck at the bottom of the mustard container again.


Grey Poupon: The Lost Footage


Discover what really happened after one fine gentleman passed another fine gentleman a jar of Grey Poupon.


TiRon – “For Your Smile”

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"And back then I was rockin' Payless/cuz my mother got paid less/and if it cost over $30, had to Ross it.

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