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Conan Hilariously Spoofed A Brony Documentary Last Night

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Bronies: you can't live with 'em, because they live with their parents. Conan O'Brien spoofed LOGO's brony documentary with the help of Andy Richter.


Brony Engaged To A ‘My Little Pony’ Writes Angry Letter To Man Drawing Erotic Pictures Of His Future Bride

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The man who's married to a "My Little Pony" character is mad at a fellow Brony who's writing erotic tales about this lady. Thus, the Internet.

fairy quest

Early Panels: Three Comic Books We’re Looking Forward To Tomorrow

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Dark fairy tale fantasy, darker noir, and Pinkie Pie feature prominently in the three comics we're looking forward to hitting the stands tomorrow.


5 Steps To Understanding Bronies

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Since bronies are headed for the mainstream, here's our heroic effort to make media coverage about them not utterly moronic.

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