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Hear My Morning Jacket's Touching Tribute To Lou Reed With Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Jenny Lewis

My Morning Jacket, Neil Young, and more covered the Velvet Underground to honor Lou Reed. It's devastating.


Watch Bob Dylan, Jeff Tweedy, And Jim James Perform Together

Bob Dylan, Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, and My Morning Jacket's Jim James sang a song together in Toronto. Here's footage of the performance.

Regions of Light and the Sound of God

Jim James – “A New Life” Video


Jim James woos a woman in a buffalo's head in his video for "A New Life" because of course he does.

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An Animated Version Of Zach Galifianakis Stars In The New My Morning Jacket Video

I'd probably love My Morning Jacket's video for "Outta My System" without a cameo from Zach Galifianakis shooting lightning from his fingers -- because it's a good song and a cool video -- but a cameo from Zach Galifianakis shooting lightning from his fingers makes me like it all the better.

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Why Don’t You Whittle Away Some Time Watching A Live My Morning Jacket Performance, Won’t You?

Looking for a way to kill the last hour or so of Labor Day Friday, the longest day ever.


Stadium Status: 5 Great Live Rock Albums


Live albums are typically love/hate affairs.

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Watch: My Morning Jacket & Erykah Badu Perform “Wordless Chorus” Video


Far from being restricted to their Southern rock label, My Morning Jacket showcased their varied musical palette at a recent show in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

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Holy Crap My Morning Jacket + Erykah Badu = Win

My Twitter and Tumblr feeds have been blowing up for the last couple of hours with people going nuts over Erykah Badu joining My Morning Jacket on stage in Louisville, Kentucky last night in a performance that was streamed live on YouTube.

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