Guess Which Formerly Popular Social Network Is Making A Comeback With Sex Solicitation?

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A study investigating the underground commercial sex industry has found that sex workers have come up with new ways of networking.


Jennifer Lawrence’s Best Friend Epically Recounted Their Night At The Oscars

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Laura Simpson, Jennifer Lawrence's best friend of seven years, accompanied J-Law to the Oscar's as her date and then recounted the whole thing on Myspace, of all places.


Death Cab For Newbies: 15 Songs That Would Be On ‘The O.C.’ Soundtrack If The Show Was Still On

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If Fox's "The O.C." was still on the air, here are some songs you might hear on the show.

troll burns

Myspace Tom Spends His Time Flaming People On Twitter, Chillin’

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Myspace Tom is now fully retired and just spends his days lounging by a pool while flaming trolls on Twitter, apparently. Not a bad life, really.

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Justin Timberlake Unveils The New Myspace

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Oh hey remember when Justin Timberlake and some of his friends bought Myspace? Well are you ready for the sexy to finally come back?


Digg Shames Myspace By Dropping 99.75% In Value

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Remember when Google offered to buy Digg for $200 million a couple of years ago and Digg turned them down? Guess what Digg sold for today.


If Don Draper Handled Modern Marketing


As we've been priming ourselves for the return of Mad Men and <a href="" target="_blank">providing a crash course on Classic Rogers</a> I can't help but think about the numerous business ventures in our modern internet era that could have used the Don Draper touch.

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Man On ‘Maury’ Believes Myspace Tom Is His Girlfriend’s Real Baby-Daddy


Well this is kind of weird -- in more ways than one: Earlier today<a href=""> I referenced Myspace Tom</a>, joking about my long-held belief that he murders prostitutes and buries them in his backyard.


Self Pop Tart Is Here To Shame The Internet’s Self-Portrait Takers

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Everyone knows by now that one of the worst scourges to ever hit the internet is the mirror self-portrait, that cheesy, all-too-familiar vanity shot destined to be Myspace's lasting legacy long after it's discovered that Myspace Tom has dead hookers buried in his backyard.

MySpace Is Finally Rolling Out The Reboot, And Justin Timberlake


Hey, remember when some advertising agency and Justin Timberlake bought MySpace for, like, less than 10% of what News Corp.


The Winklevii Would Like To Sell You Some Pistachios


When we last checked in on Hitler youth stalwarts Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, they were <a href="">being called as$holes in public</a> by noted staggering as$hole <a href="">former Harvard President Larry Summers.</a> (Takes one to know one, right.

How The Hell Does Justin Timberlake Plan To Bring Myspace Back To Life?


Late at night on the day Specific Media's deal to acquire Myspace <a href="">was announced</a>, Justin Timberlake <a href="">emailed his longtime manager</a> Johnny Wright and said, "Are you up.


Justin Timberlake Bringing MySpace Back?


Hey, remember how MySpace was relevant for, like, four years last decade before being purchased by Rupert Murdoch, right before it got utterly crushed by Facebook.


50 Vintage Print Ads Remade For Modern Companies


Way back in October of 2010, the Chinese year of the tiger, the fine people at Design Float <a href="">whipped up some outstanding vintage ad posters</a> representing modern online brands as a way of simply showing that vintage is always a good choice for whatever concept you might be working on.


11 Diabolical Plans Discovered On Osama Bin Laden’s Hard Drives

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It’s hard to believe that it has been almost two weeks since Duane “The Rock” Johnson President Barack Obama declared to the world that American soldiers shot and killed Osama Bin Laden.


Report: Facebook investors looking to dump shares


In <a href="">a post to his blog in January</a>, Joseph Perla presented a compelling argument for Facebook being one of biggest Ponzi schemes in the history of commerce, one that I frankly <a href="">agreed wholeheartedly with then</a>, and continue to do now.

tom anderson

Myspace Tom would love to sell you a house in Vegas


Wow, <a href="">a week that's been filled with nostalgia for bygone popular social media outlets</a> (they come and go so swiftly.

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