Jay From ‘Serial’ Speaks: ‘There Was Never A Real Friendship (With Adnan)’

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"There was never a real friendship (with Adnan)." WELL WHY DID YOU HELP ADNAN BURY THE DEAD BODY OF THE GIRLFRIEND WHO HE MURDERED?!?!

grand theft auto v

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Has Another Elaborate Murder Mystery


It's not all mayhem and gore in the new 'Grand Theft Auto V.' You can also solve a cryptic murder mystery!


Neil deGrasse Tyson Continued His Twitter Review Of ‘Interstellar’ By Focusing On The Film’s Mysteries

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Neil deGrasse Tyson wasn't finished giving his insight on the Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar.'


So, What The Hell Is Going On With #WWETransformed?

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WWE's teasing an eaten world and someone who "walks in darkness" with the hashtag #WWETransformed. What exactly is going on?


A Mysterious Giant Hole Has Formed In Siberia Out Of Nowhere

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A giant hole has appeared in Siberia out of nowhere. What caused it? Was it Aliens?!


How Does This Even Happen: Missing Toddler Found Stuck In Claw Game Machine

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A missing toddler turned up in a claw machine in a nearby bowling alley and it amazingly didn't even happen in Florida.


Here's A Simple Theory On What May Have Happened To Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

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This theory on what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 seems to be the most reasonable and acceptable theories. Lies! It was Bigfoot in a dress!


Why Didn't Flight 370's Passengers Make Any Phone Calls?

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Flight 370 seems to have experienced a communications blackout that was total and complete, even for the passengers.

plane disappeance

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Update: Did The Plane Drop Below 5,000 Feet To Go Undetected By Radar?

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New evidence suggests that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 dropped below radar to keep from being tracked.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Update: Pilot’s House Raided, Flight Simulators, And A Widened Search

By | 7 Comments

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is still missing. The pilots are suspect, more countries are joining in the search, and questions remain unanswered.


Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Update: Hijacking, Seven Hours Flown From Last Contact, And Other Theories

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More and more theories arise about the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but little definitive answers.


U.S. Investigators Believe Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Kept Flying For Four Hours After Last Contact

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Mysteries continue to baffle investigators as they try to figure out what happened to the 239 people onboard the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.


It Took The Internet A Day To Solve A 20-Year-Old Mystery Involving ‘Cancer-Addled Ramblings’

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"OFWAIHHBTNTKCTWBDOEAIIIHFUTDODBAFUOT." If that doesn't mean anything to you, then you're not a good enough Internet sleuth.


Andy Kaufman Is Still Alive, Claim His Brother And ‘Daughter’


People love the idea that Andy Kaufman, perhaps the world’s greatest prankster, faked his own death. Here's some fuel for that fire.

#Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

A Treasure Trove Of Nerd Collectibles Turn Up In ‘Furnished’ House Bought By Random Couple

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A family bought a home at a bank sale, only to discover that whoever lived there before REALLY loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A lot.


Which 'Parks And Recreation' Character Will Be Pregnant In The Season Finale?

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Parks and Recreation has released a teaser video that suggests one of 5 female characters is pregnant, but is it just one of those 5 or is there someone else?


A Boston Man Found Over $20,000 In A Hollowed-Out Book While Rummaging Through Garbage

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A Boston man found $20,000 in a hollowed-out book, and is set to keep it if no one claims it in the next month.

the dark knight rises

Yo, Bane, What’s Under The Mask, Bro?


I don't know about you, but when I watched The Dark Knight Rises I found myself consumed with what sort of hideousness was hiding under Bane's mask. I DEMAND ANSWERS!


Awesome Rumor Of The Day: Stephen Hawking Loves Sex Clubs

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Last month Stephen Hawking was asked what he thinks about most often during his days, and he replied, "Women.

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