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‘MST3K’ Creator Joel Hodgson Wants To Reboot The Show Later This Year

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In a new oral history of the show, "Mystery Science Theater 3000" creator Joel Hodgson discusses his plans to reboot the show in 2014.


8 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Episodes You Need To Memorize On Netflix Instant

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Before "Mystery Science Theater 3000" returns, watch these eight episodes on Netflix.


Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Turkey Day Is Back

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'Mystery Science Theater 3000' is returning for a Turkey Day marathon of classic movies, lovingly restored. OK, so maybe not 'classic' movies...

mystery science theater 3000

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000′ Is Returning On Thanksgiving. Here Are 6 Episodes To Be Thankful For.

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Here are the six amazing "Mystery Science Theater 3000" episodes that should be seen on Turkey Day.


The Best Of #MST3K

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We like GIFs around here. We like them a lot. And we also love Mystery Science Theater 3000. Soooo...


MST3K XXIV: The Review


MST3K is still going strong on home video, amazingly enough.

mystery science theater 3000

Awesome Video: One Joke from Every Episode of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'

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Here's an amazing way to not-waste 14 minutes of your life today: watch a YouTube video that features one joke from every episode of one of the funniest shows of all-time, "Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Freewheelin’ Morning Links Featuring ‘MST3K’ and Fat Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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It's never the wrong time to highlight a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" clip.

mystery science theater 3000

In Memoriam: MST3K’s Andy Rooney Contest

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As we all know, cranky dickhead Andy Rooney passed away this weekend.


Original Nintendo Movie Adaptations We Wish Had Been Made

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If only these games had been invented when I was young I could have done so much less than the little I did.

#arrested development

The Ten Best Recurring Jokes on TV

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<a href=""> </a> Ladies and genetlemen, please welcome once again <a href="" target="_blank">Josh Kurp</a>, Warming Glow's official Listf├╝hrer.



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Between the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" tattoo, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man tattoo, and breasts, this girl is a nerd's wet dream.

mystery science theater 3000


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As awesome as the news is that Hulu is hosting episodes of 'Mystery Science Theater 3000" now, it still isn't an ideal scenario.



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This is outstanding: a jack-o-lantern cut to resemble a scene from "Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

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