Don’t Worry, There Is No Such Thing As A Fried Chicken Oreo… Yet.


An image of a bag of fried chicken Oreos is making the rounds, but before you vomit, know that it's just a photoshop.

enough already

Oreo’s Mad Scientists Have Created A Limeade Cookie And Must Be Stopped

By | 11 Comments

A limited edition limeade Oreo cookie has been spotted in stores, and now there is no flavor left on Earth that will be safe from Nabisco.


The Newest Oreo Separator Machine Is More Of An Oreo Exploder


The newest Oreo Separator Machine technically does separate Oreos, but we wouldn't recommend eating the results.


Sure, Give That Robot A Knife: Three More Oreo Separator Machines


Last month we were introduced to an "Oreo Separator Machine", and now three more have been built, including HERB, the Home Exploring Robot Butler.


First World Problems: Here's A Machine That Removes The Cream From Oreo Cookies

By | 2 Comments

Physicist, copywriter, and artist David Neevel built an "Oreo Separator Machine" to remove the cream from Oreo cookies. Never change, Portland.

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