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The World According To Julie J: The Witch Files


Getting witchy this week in The World According To Julie J.

#music videos

Nacho Picasso’s New Video Is All ‘Sex/Drugs/Rock&Roll’

Nacho Picasso is all about the "Sex/Drugs/Rock&Roll" in his new video.

Nacho Picasso

Guilt-Free Listening: Nacho Picasso’s ‘High & Mighty’ Album Stream

The Seattle rapper offers a free listen to his latest album.

Nacho Picasso

Blue Sky Black Death Ft. Gucci Mane, Deniro Farrar, Nacho Picasso + Mack Shine- “Keys”


"My enemies be on my d**k, they look like groupies to me" Gucci Mane doesn't need to say much to convey a whole lot.


Nacho Picasso & Avatar Darko – Vampsterdam EP


Vampsterdam is the aftermath of many nocturnal nights in the studio fueled by illicit substances, so said Nacho Picasso and Avatar Darko at their listening party a few weeks back.


Nacho Picasso & Avatar Darko – “Vampire” (Prod. AraabMuzik)


Nacho Picasso and Avatar Darko body AraabMuzik's production in "Vampire.

Sam Lachow

Sam Lachow Ft. Half Of Washington – “Young Seattle Part 2″ Video


If you're from the Pacific Northwest and have ADD, "Young Seattle Part 2" should be right up your alley.

Nacho Picasso

Nacho Picasso – “Dean Martin/Rat Race” Video

Donning his finest Pee-Wee Herman suit for the occasion, Nacho Picasso joins his rap pack otherwise known as the Moor Gang for "Dean Martin.

Soviet Goonion 2

Avatar Darko Ft. Nacho Picasso – “RAH (Ratchet As Hell)”

When Avatar Darko and Nacho Picasso are together, they bring out the worst in each other.

Nacho Picasso

Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso – “Public Enemy” Video


With the help of Blue Sky Black Death and Aighty behind the lens, Nacho Picasso lives up to the drugged out, tatted up "Public Enemy" that he depicts himself as in his music.

Soviet Goonion

Avatar Darko – Soviet Goonion Mixtape


Not nearly as emo as his other TSS appearance, Avatar Darko throws all filters to the wayside in Soviet Goonion,* the title a nod to his Russian roots and upbringing by the streets.

Nacho Picasso

Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso – “Villains In My Circle” Video


On a brief break from prolifically producing music and just being generally Exalted, Blue Sky Black Death grabs a camera to capture Nacho Picasso gooning out for an in-studio performance.

Nacho Picasso

Album Stream: Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso Are “Exalted”


“Bloody Murder” opens the foreboding round three of Nacho Picasso and Blue Sky Black Death’s collaborative journey that is appropriately titled Exalted, and it certainly sets the mood and tone for the record.

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