‘Pokemon’ Meets ‘Tekken’ In New Arcade Game ‘Pokken Tournament’


The Pokemon get physical in the new game 'Pokken Tournament.'

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Godzilla Will Stomp Cities On Game Consoles Once Again


The Big G is returning to game consoles to crush Tokyo, and Osaka, and Kyoto, and...

#Star Trek

It’s a Namco Bandai Blowout — New Trailers for Star Trek, Ni No Kuni, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Dragon Ball Z Kinect


Poor Namco Bandai -- of all the major Japanese publishers, they seem to receive the least, well, anything.

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Ad for Soul Calibur V Actually Manages to Offend Japan

Soul Calibur V is coming out soon in Japan, and to promote the game, Namco created the ad to the right.


Pac-Man Reality Show Is Really Real. Really.

Last year we reported that Namco Bandai was planning a 3D animated Pac-Man TV show about situations, like his rampant drug use, binge eating, schizophrenic hallucinations of ghosts, and his hobby of putting on lipstick, tying his hair with a bow, and calling himself Ms.


Well That’s Timely: Pac-Man TV Show

Avi Arad represented Namco Bandai at this year's E3 event, showing a 3-minute teaser to announce their upcoming 3D animated Pac-Man TV show.

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