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Ultra-Ever Dry Spray Might Be Black Magic, But We're Coating A Sled With It Anyway

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Ultra-Ever Dry spray appears to be magical if this video is to be believed.


Five Ways Microorganisms Will Make Your Life Easier

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We don't often think about microorganisms, except when they're making our lives miserable.


Teenage Girl Accomplishes More At Age 17 Than We Ever Will

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17 year old high school senior Angela Zhang just earned a $100,000 scholarship at the <a href="">Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology</a> for designing a nanoparticle which targets cancer stem cells.


Stretchable OLEDs Mean Stretchy Phones?


You know, a phone that can shrink or expand at will sounds like a bad idea.

cool on your island

Smallest. Transistor. Ever?


So, the University of Pittsburgh has created a single-electron transistor.


Graphene Can Make Things Waterproof Or Waterabsorbent


The latest nano-material to get nanotech researchers all hot and bothered is Graphene: a one-atom-thick honeycomb of carbon atoms that looks like it can do everything from making much <a href="">more powerful batteries</a> to replacing <a href="">silicon as the semiconductor material of choice</a>.

japan being sane for once

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Palladium!

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Japanese researchers took a break from constructing <a href="">robot exoskeletons for kids</a> and new and scary ways to incorporate your nonexistent anime girlfriend into your life to design an alloy with properties similar to palladium.


Which Virus Is Improving Batteries?


The Tobacco mosaic virus is probably something you've never heard of, but it's going to make your gadgets run a lot longer.


Bacteria Controlled by Magnets Build Pyramid. You Heard Us.

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Why, yes, we intentionally went out of our way to write the weirdest headline we could think of for this news story, but it's 100% true.

microbe killa

MRSA Has a New Enemy…Paint


MRSA, better known as the disease that can resist current antibiotics, is a pretty nasty disease that kills, and is especially feared in hospitals, since they're full of people with holes in them and who have crappy immune systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Seven Technologies That Are Going to Kill Us All

By | 23 Comments

Across the centuries, many things have been predicted to end the world.


High-Tech Teabag Cleans Water for Less than a Penny


There are some jokes we're above using.

finally a use for an inkjet printer

Circuits Can Now Be Printed With Your Crappy Inkjet


<a rel="attachment wp-att-9588" href=""></a>Time was, you needed a white room (sans black curtains) and funny jumpsuits to create integrated circuits.


DNA Robots Bring Healing Factor That Much Closer to Reality


OK, so the image of the evil Terminator spiders is just a little misleading, but the robots in this article don't look quite as cool.


Scientists Finally Create a Big Enough Memory Card


Nanotechnology is officially our friend, now that they've discovered a way to store all of the, well, you know, the.


Canada Cures Diabetic Mice, Eh

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Scientists at the University of Calgary have created a nanotechnology-based vaccine that cured and delayed the onset of Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 in mice.

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