Nardwuar Takes Wu-Tang Clan On Surprising Trip Through All 36 Chambers

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"This guy knows a lot... You're starting to surprise me, kid."


Don’t Expect To See ScHoolBoy Q At SXSW Next Year

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Unless SXSW make some changes, this year was Groovy Q's last year.


Questlove Vs. Nardwuar In One Epic Interview

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Questlove crosses the border to "Vancouver British Columbia Canada" and gets greeted by Nardwuar.

SXSW 2013

On SXSW 2013, Old Acts, New Jacks & Nardwuar

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And we shall be known by our choice of hats In between the salad and the main course, Nardwuar asked me "So, who do you think has been the standout this year.

Wiz Khalifa

Soak Up The Positive Vibes As Nardwuar Interviews Wiz Khalifa

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It seems like Nardwuar would've interviewed Wiz at this point, but this is actually their first encounter.


2 Chainz Joins Nardwuar For Yet Another Colorful Conversation

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While out across the border, 2 Chainz made his obligatory stop for an interview with journalism wizard Nardwuar.


Nardwuar Exercises His Usual Wizardry In New El-P Interview

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The work of oddball Canadian journalist Nardwuar - who has inexplicably and amazingly become an integral figure in Hip-Hop media - is filled with so many unique and unexpected moments to the point where pretty much all his videos are required viewing.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Ghostface Killah’s “Troublemakers”

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An album's weight is often measured by how it stands the test of time.


PoV: ?uestlove + DJ Premier Get Their Hands Dirty

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At first, this was going to be all about an imaginary conversation that could've taken place between Premo and.


Nardwuar Vs. Rappers At SXSW

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A lot of sh*t went down in Austin last weekend, and Canadian personality Nardwuar, "the Human Serviette," found himself right in the middle of it all.


2.22 The Cooler

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Jessieka Martinez-Soto Why We Care About Rihanna And Chris Brown [Washington Post] 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Troubles Tenn.


Is A Guy Named Earl Sweatshirt Better Than Nas?

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I've admittedly been late to the Odd Future party, not really checking them too tough since they scared the crap out of me at SXSW.

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