Anthem Girl Gets Some Redemption

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Eight-year-old Elizabeth Hughes became the biggest name in the world of Virginia hockey last week when she began singing the National Anthem at a Norfolk Admirals game, only to become the victim of a crappy PA system.

proud to be an american

This Is Gonna Melt Your Hearts

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It’s been a rough week for America, what with that stuff that we won’t talk about right now (Duke losing, of course) and it always helps to have something inspirational fall into our laps.


National Anthem Butchered Before Lakers Game

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This is singer-songwriter Keri Hilson, who inadvertently rewrote the national anthem during this rendition before a recent Lakers game (video's after the jump).



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You might be one of these people that thinks "The Star-Spangled Banner" is an inferior song to, say, "America The Beautiful" or even "Whole Lotta Rosie," but that wouldn't entitle you to re-invent the lyrics on the fly.


“Amazing Grace…”

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Last night’s game was an obvious instant classic.


Note To NFL Talent Department: Kat DeLuna, Not For Rehire

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Words By Jason Hortillas Maybe the boneheaded rookie move by DeSean Jackson overshadowed Monday Night Football's horror of a national anthem, but Kat DeLuna needs to call it quits.

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