The Mom Of A Recruit Won’t Sign His Letter Of Intent Because She Hates Michigan State

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Mailk McDowell is a 5-star football recruit who wants to go to Michigan State, but his mom won't sign his letter of intent.


A Volkswagen Bus Has Committed To The University Of Hawaii

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Being a fan of a college football team that puts more stock in stupid things like “graduating student athletes” and “focusing on educations”, I rarely pay attention to recruiting classes.


The Arkansas Razorbacks Pig Helmet Karaoke Housewife Is Back

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Remember back in September when that weird Arkansas Razorbacks fan put on a pig helmet, strapped some tape to her nose a la Pee-wee Herman in Pee-wee's Big Adventure and <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2012/09/razorbacks-united-we-stand-todays-internet-winner" target="_blank">sang a Razorback-themed version of Brotherhood Of Man's 'United We Stand?'</a> Okay, you probably don't remember ALL of it, but you remember the lady in the pig helmet.


Well Played, Nick Saban. Well Played.

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Last year, the University of Alabama caused a minor sh*t storm when the football team set up a live cam to announce and introduce the program’s latest recruiting class on National Signing Day.


Ohio State Recruit Wants To Measure Your Breasts

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Ohio State might have to reverse its field on incoming recruit Chris Carter.


‘Live Blog Canceled Due To Blizzard’


You'd expect a B1g Ten School to be able to handle a little inclement weather.

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