Nato Caliph

Nato Caliph + Black Spade – “Complete” Video

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Nato Caliph and Black Spade check in with an update from the Lou in the form of the "Complete," the latest song from the Force Majeure project to receive a visual.

Tef Poe

Tef Poe Feat. Killer Mike – “Wrist Game Proper” Video

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In the land of a million D-boy anthems, Tef Poe and Killer Mike find a way to breath air into a soundtrack for selling crack and other drugs commonly abused in downtrodden neighborhoods.

the force

Nato Caliph Feat. Black Spade – “REVEL” Video

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Nato delivers a visual for "REVEL," the tune Track spoke on for final entry of The 30 Day Song Challenge. Yeah, the vid's arrival seems a little late but it's right on time considering how stale most music is at the moment.

the force

The 30 Day Song Challenge: Day 30 – Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year

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I spent a whole morning examining my iTunes catalog and mixtape playlists, trying to figure out just what my favorite song was at this time of last year.


Tech Supreme – Supremacy Mixtape

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St. Louis has been clean out of control in Twenty Eleven, earning more highlights for WSHH fiascoes than on the real rap scene. That simply won't do and Tech Supreme -- the multifaceted producer slash rapper slasher artist extraordinaire -- has rounded up some of the finest talent in Missouri's should be capital to reign a true Supremacy on the game.

the force

Nato Caliph – REACH EP

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Nato Calpih’s mind sharpening rhymes are the perfect tonic for a lazy Monday.


Nato Caliph – “Rules” Video

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We were supposed to post this last week but in the wake of the Al Jazeera-influenced AIDS video, I figured most of you were scared enough & couldn't stand any additional finger-waggin' reminding you of how much of a bad idea it was to sleep with that one chick from the club whose name you never knew (much less forgot).

Nato Caliph

Nato Caliph Feat. Naledge – “Irrelevant”

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I've already highlighted what I like about Nato so I'll spare the details.

We Got Now

“Introducing Nato Caliph…”

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Understandably, DJ Trackstar's a busy guy, but he's been holding out on us y'all.

The Cool Kids

The SXSW Recap: The Unabridged Version

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Preface this whole thing by saying that my memory is not the best.

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