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‘The Last Of Us’ Being Made Into A Movie By Screen Gems And Sam Raimi

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We've repeatedly praised 'The Last Of Us', but could it really translate into a live-action feature film? Screen Gems and Sam Raimi think so.

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‘The Last Of Us’ Has A Superb Documentary For You To Watch This Morning


'Grounded: The Making Of 'The Last Of Us'' is finally available for people who didn't shell out for a season pass.


‘The Last Of Us: Left Behind’ Is A Surprising Addition To A Great Game

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'The Last of Us: Left Behind' is a must-play addition to a must-play game.


Naughty Dog Unveils ‘The Last Of Us’ Prequel DLC And Teases A New ‘Uncharted’

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The Playstation 4 launches today so Sony threw a big press-conference party last night, and Naughty Dog pretty much stole the show.

Naughty Dog

‘The Last Of Us’ Has Multiplayer. Here’s How It Works.

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'The Last of Us' has mutliplayer and sounds like it might actually be worth playing...

Naughty Dog

The Infected Enemies Of 'The Last Of Us' Will Make You Fear Fungus

By | 5 Comments

Here's the backstory for The Last of Us' fortune cookie head enemies...

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