‘The Last Of Us’ Finds Its Proper Home On The Playstation 4

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'The Last of Us Remastered' is a familiar beast, but one that feels right at home on the PS4.

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‘The Last Of Us’ Concept Artist Posts A Tantalizing Teaser Image

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Whoa, did we just get the first teaser for The Last of Us 2?

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‘The Last Of Us’ Being Made Into A Movie By Screen Gems And Sam Raimi

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We've repeatedly praised 'The Last Of Us', but could it really translate into a live-action feature film? Screen Gems and Sam Raimi think so.


‘The Last Of Us’ Has A Superb Documentary For You To Watch This Morning


'Grounded: The Making Of 'The Last Of Us'' is finally available for people who didn't shell out for a season pass.


‘The Last Of Us: Left Behind’ Is A Surprising Addition To A Great Game

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'The Last of Us: Left Behind' is a must-play addition to a must-play game.

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Naughty Dog Unveils ‘The Last Of Us’ Prequel DLC And Teases A New ‘Uncharted’

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The Playstation 4 launches today so Sony threw a big press-conference party last night, and Naughty Dog pretty much stole the show.

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Protect The Ones You Love Most: ‘The Last Of Us’ Review

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Games historically excel when mechanics and level design combine for hours of fun.

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‘The Last Of Us’ Has Multiplayer. Here’s How It Works.

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'The Last of Us' has mutliplayer and sounds like it might actually be worth playing...

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The Infected Enemies Of 'The Last Of Us' Will Make You Fear Fungus

By | 5 Comments

Here's the backstory for The Last of Us' fortune cookie head enemies...

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