'Criminal Minds' Inspired A 10-Year-Old Boy To Kill His Neo-Nazi Father

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Hours after shooting his father in the head, a 10-year-old boy told police he didn’t think he would be punished because of a “Criminal Minds” episode.

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George Clooney is making a Nazi movie with Bill Murray and James Bond

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According to reports, George Clooney is set to plant his bony ass back in the director's chair this March, when he'll be directing The Monuments Men - not to be confused with Kirk Cameron's Monumental - with a cast that includes Daniel Craig, Bill Murray, Cate Blanchett, The Artist’s Jean Dujardin, John Goodman, Hugh Bonneville and Bob Balaban.


Jon Lovitz Finds a Good Use for Twitter: Taking Down Nazi-Loving Teenagers

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For his work on “The Critic,” “Saturday Night Live,” “The Simpsons,” and “NewsRadio,” Jon Lovitz is already one of my ten favorite fellow Chosen People.


The First Four Minutes Of Iron Sky Brings On The Moon Nazis


Mooninite Nazis comedy Iron Sky, directed by Timo Vuorensola from Finland, is going to be in theaters soon (April 4th in most countries, April 5th in Germany, and April 20th in the UK).


Sarah Palin Doppelgänger Fights Nazis From The Moon


We hate mooninite Nazis, but we love reporting news about mooninite Nazi flick Iron Sky, which is set to release on April 4th of this year after over six years of planning.


Iron Sky trailer introduces ‘Motherf*cking space Nazis’

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Iron Sky is a partially crowd-funded indie (technically, isn't anything produced by a corporation 'crowd-funded'.


Teenaged Nazi Music Duo Prussian Blue Discover Marijuana, Have A Change Of Heart

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Remember back in 2006 when a couple of little blond twins had a Nazi-themed, Holocaust-denying pop band named "Prussian Blue.


Is Guy Ritchie Back To Directing Sgt. Rock?


With all the press that superheroes get, it's sometimes easy to forget that there are other types of comic books like "romance" or the ever-popular "American-G.

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Kirsten Dunst courageously washes her hands of director at the first sign of controversy

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Kirsten Dunst won best actress at Cannes for her role in Lars von Trier's Melancholia, so you'd think that when she got asked about Von Trier's Nazi comments (which were only offensive if you're an idiot), she might at least show an attempt at understanding.


Magicians Versus Nazis

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Married writers Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman (the former is brilliant; the latter, less so) are developing a project for HBO called "Hobgoblin.


The Nazis had 3D porn

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Movies had always been two dimensional, until James Cameron and his lady hair came along and filmed blue cat monkeys tail screwing, and forever changed the game.

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Dinosaurs Are Real, and the Nazis Have Them


Last year we posted a trailer for the awesome Half Life 2 mod, "Dino D-Day", in which you play an Allied soldier fighting against dinosaurs resurrected and trained by Nazis.


Space Nazi Movie Begins Filming. Really.


We hate mooninite Nazis, but we love reporting news about mooninite Nazi flick move the crew to Australia, a fitting stand-in for the desolate moonscape as long as they CGI out all the kangaroos wearing sunglasses (they're everywhere down there).


Stanley Tucci Is Cap’s Doc


Stanley Tucci has been cast as Dr.


Footage From “Nazis in Space”

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Well, okay, it isn't actually called "Nazis in Space" (it's not a SyFy Original after all).

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