Monday Morning Links From Arlington

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Good morning from Arlington, Texas, home of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers, neither of whom I am here to see.


Rumors Of The NBA Season’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

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Perhaps I was a bit too bold a few weeks ago, declaring the NBA season dead, because as I had pointed out on quite a few occasions, the players were going to eventually become desperate enough to take whatever they could get.


Cyber Monday Morning Links

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It's Cyber Monday, everybody, and you know what that means.


Metta World Peace Has The Right Idea

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Ron Artest, AKA Metta World Peace, is by all accounts - and I’m using a technical medical term here - out of his f*cking mind.


Six Seasons And A Movie Of Morning Links

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Links NBC ‘Fixes’ Schedule by Removing ‘Community’ - I can't wait for them to cancel 'Parks and Recreation' to replace it with something stupid about a single woman in the big city trying to balance a relationship and a career.


Basketball Is Gone Forever, So Watch This Soccer Guy F**k Up A Lambeau Leap


I guess the yelling GOAAAAAAAAAL thing is the best part of being a soccer announcer, but I feel like if I watched a guy try to jump into the stands and end up trapped in a field-side bush I'd stop screaming for a second and say something about it.


Morning Links, Now With 100% More Prez References

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Links Australia Is Getting DC Comics License Plates.


Today’s Two Best Ways To Call Someone Piece Of Sh*t

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On a day when sports news is dominated by child molestation, I'd like to lighten the mood a little by presenting two sports guys who can't stop calling people names on the Internet.


Care About This: Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Are Getting Divorced

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Speculation has been running rampant on sites where "Lindsay Lohan has gross teeth" is news for weeks, and it's about to become official: Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian are divorcing.


Stop Making Me Like You, Mark Cuban


The Colbert Report Get More: <a href='http://www.colbertnation.com/full-episodes/'>Colbert Report Full Episodes</a>,<a href='http://www.indecisionforever.com/'>Political Humor & Satire Blog</a>,<a href='http://www.colbertnation.com/video'>Video Archive</a> We don't cover clips from 'The Colbert Report' <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/tag/colbert-report/">as much as our friends at UPROXX</a>, but last night's sports-rich segment, starting with the NFL fining Troy Polamalu for concussion-dialing his wife on the sideline and ending with Colbert's second pro-NBA-owner Colbert Super PAC ad (with Mark Cuban's face superimposed on the American flag), was glorious and needs to be shared.


Taiwanese Report: David Stern Is Gay, Can Beat NBA Players At One-On-One

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Next Media Animation's latest video is easy their most accurate, succinctly explaining the NBA Lockout situation to foreign audiences and stoned people on the Internet by having commissioner David Stern (wearing a blazer with a big "STERN" on the back) avenge the death of a cubist man representing the Detroit Pistons franchise by breaking into Derek Fisher's house with a chainsaw, cutting in half a pizza Kobe had baked with LeBron James and scaring LeBron so badly he travels to China and loses at basketball and is emasculated by a communist panda.


La Vita E’ Kobe

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In case you're the type who needs a screenprinted message on an oversized foam finger to be convinced of anything and believes the NBA Lockout is ending soon, here's your finger: pending the ability of the team owner to actually get the money to make it happen, Kobe Bryant has agreed to play basketball in Italy.


Morning Links: Up Next On American Gladiators, Assault

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Sports Gina Carano's Haywire Has New Photos - I wish I'd been around a couple of years ago to try and convince you "American Gladiators" was a sports thing.

captain planet

Morning Links: Cavs Vs. Cubs

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A few things, because this worked well on the wrestling post.


Enjoy It While It Lasts, Miami Heat

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NBA Players Union Executive Director Billy Hunter walked away from the latest collective bargaining agreement negotiations and told reporters that he felt good about where the conversation is heading.


NBA Round-Up: So Much News, Choking


As bored as most people are with the NBA Playoffs by now, what with Oprah Winfrey <a href="http://www.kansascity.com/2011/05/13/2872257/oprah-bucks-bulls.html">dictating when games can be played</a>, we should embrace as much NBA action as we possibly can in the remaining months of these playoffs, because the future of the 2011-12 season isn't looking very bright.

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