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Chris Paul Personally Called Kevin Garnett Before The Trade Deadline

There's a famous Michael Jordan commercial where MJ skips out of the halftime speech to run across Chicago, get dressed in his wingtips, and transforms into a CEO.


NBA Rumor: Lakers Shutting Down Repeated Dwight Howard Trade Offers


This morning ESPN is reporting that the Los Angeles Lakers have turned down numerous Dwight Howard trade offers, especially in recent weeks.


NBA Trade Rumor: Carmelo Anthony Wants out of New York

Today's New York Post is reporting rumors that Carmelo Anthony is hoping to be traded out of New York before Thursday's deadline because, among other things, he doesn't get along with Mike D'Antoni and feels like the organization doesn't value his input concerning personnel decisions.


Monta Ellis Traded to Bucks For Andrew Bogut

The Milwaukee Bucks now have the most tatted, explosive backcourt in the NBA.

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