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The Internet Is Having A Lot Of Fun Creating Memes On Other Forgotten Brian Williams Stories

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The Brian Williams scandal has allowed the Internet to have a field day creating memes to make fun of the situation. Here are the best.


Venerable Newsman Tom Brokaw Has Kicked Cancer’s Ass

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The longtime anchor of NBC Nightly news delivers great news as he heads into 2015.


Why Did NBC Fire ‘Meet The Press’ Host David Gregory?

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David Gregory is out at NBC's venerable 'Meet the Press,' while Chuck Todd has been hired to succeed him.

sex jokes

Brian Williams Poked Fun At Horny Government Employees With A Great Sex Joke

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Brian Williams showed his anger at lazy, greedy government employees by...telling a sex joke?


Brian Williams Has Landed An Exclusive Interview With Edward Snowden

By | 9 Comments

NBC News has landed the first American TV interview with the NSA whistle-blower

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Terrifying, Amazing: Two Planes Collide Above Wisconsin, Skydivers’ Helmet Cams Capture Everything

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11 Skydivers manage to MIRACULOUSLY parachute to safety after their planes collide.


Troll-Like Creature Donald Trump Is Mad At Brian Williams

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In the most lopsided media fight of all-time, Donald Trump is saying not nice things about Brian Williams, who called him out on NBC.

Neil Young

NBC News Confuses Neil Young, Who Is Alive, With Neil Armstrong, Who Is Dead

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Shortly after astronaut Neil Armstrong died, NBC News published an article claiming that folk singer Neil Young passed away. He did not.


Poor Brian Williams.

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