Alabama Fans Are Demanding An Overtime Re-Do For The Iron Bowl (Still) (Seriously)

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Alabama fans are not taking their Iron Bowl loss lying down. They've started a petition to redo the overtime they never got.

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The 2013 Iron Bowl Got The Tecmo Bowl Treatment And It’s Awesome


The Auburn Tigers' incredible last-second victory over Alabama in the 2013 Iron Bowl received a spectacular Tecmo Bowl video tribute.

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Listen To Auburn’s Radio Announcers Lose Their Minds As The Game-Winning Touchdown Unfolded

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Auburn's radio announcer had the best reaction to the Tigers' game-winning touchdown against No. 1 Alabama.

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Hey Florida Gators, You’re Doing It Wrong

By | 13 Comments

This screen shot from the Florida Gators' loss to Georgia Southern on Saturday pretty much says it all about their first losing season since 1979.


With Leather’s Watch This: Every Tombstone Piledriver Ever Performed By The Undertaker

By | 20 Comments

To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of his debut, the WWE has made this supercut of every Tombstone Piledriver ever dished out by The Undertaker.


With Leather’s Watch This: This Reporter Needs To Take Ice Skating Safety Seriously


This reporter had a little ice skating oopsie when the wind picked up and she was introduced to the ice.

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With Leather’s Watch This: Everyone’s Laughing At Chi Chi Rodriguez’s Nut Shot


Jimmy Fallon had some fun at golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez's expense in his monologue on late night, after the golfer hit himself in the groin with a ball.


With Leather’s Watch This: Meet The World’s Biggest Soccer Star In 2022


This kid is pretty awesome at soccer. Probably a lot better than you or any of your friends. You should challenge him.


With Leather’s Watch This: Joey Crawford Was A Total Dick To This Ball Boy

By | 4 Comments

NBA referee and grown man Joey Crawford held up a game last night to stare down and embarrass a ball boy.


A Drunk Driver Told The Cops That The Michigan Wolverines Made Him Do It


A Michigan Wolverines fan was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and he told the cops that it was all Al Borges' and the offense's fault.


With Leather’s Watch This: Glen Davis Broke A Motel Computer Because YOLO!

By | 4 Comments

A motel's surveillance footage showed Magic player Glen Davis throwing a temper tantrum around 4 AM when he couldn't get a room.


This Miami Hurricanes Anti-Obamacare Tailgate Party Was Off The Hook

By | 28 Comments

Generation Opportunity traded free food and cornhole for signatures on their "Opt Out" petition against Obamacare before the Miami Hurricanes game Saturday.


With Leather’s Watch This: Someone Get This Kid An MLS Contract Immediately


Is this kid's ball play good enough for MLS? Probably not. But it's better than any of us could do.


With Leather’s Watch This: Meet Javonte Douglas, The Guy Who Gave Us This Dunk


Junior college star Javonte Douglas turned in a SportsCenter Top 10 highlight with this nasty put back jam.


With Leather’s Watch This: Back-To-Back-To-Back Alley Oops? Only In Lob City


Chris Paul and Blake Griffin welcomed everyone back to Lob City with back-to-back-to-back alley oops.


The Indiana Hoosiers Football Team Did The ‘Thriller’ Dance At Practice

By | 3 Comments

The Indiana Hoosiers took a little break from football practice today to bust out a brief Thriller dance.


With Leather’s Watch This: Happy Halloween From The Oklahoma Sooners


With their next game still a week away, the Oklahoma Sooners had a little fun and played dress-up at practice for Halloween this week.


With Leather’s Watch This: Fake Japanese NASCAR Commentary Is Going To Ruin Your Day

By | 2 Comments

This video of Japanese announcers freaking out over a NASCAR wreck is both hilarious and unfortunately fake.


An ‘Ex-Ducks Player’ Wrote A Letter To Oregon Fans And Told Them ‘Go F*ck Yourselves’

By | 21 Comments

A former Oregon Ducks football player wrote an anonymous open letter to fans, comparing players to slaves and telling fans to 'Go f*ck themselves.'


Meet Jayson Carter, Rice's 4-Foot-9 Running Back


During Saturday's 45-7 thrashing of the UTEP Miners, the Rice Owls let 4-foot-9 walk-on RB Jayson Carter into the game for a carry.

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