Penn State Fans And Alumni Said Goodbye To Joe Paterno’s Statue And $60 Million

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This morning, NCAA President Mark Emmert officially announced the sanctions for Penn State University and its football program in the wake of what I can only call an incredibly bizarre and unbelievable scandal.


Gee, However Will Miami Bounce Back?

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Last week, it was reported that 13 current Miami Hurricanes football players were declared ineligible after a former booster and current prison inmate, Nevin Shapiro, blew the doors open on a decade of recruiting violations, paid players, hookers, and abortions, among other accusations.

#Jay Z

Jay-Z Gunned Down At End Of Controversial NCAA Shootout

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KENTUCKY -- The year is 2011 and the 'Cats are raw; in the rearview mirror is the motherf**king law.


Terrelle Pryor Receives an Early Christmas Present from the NCAA

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Thornton Melon questions the amount of respect given to the Ohio State football players by the NCAA.

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