How To Get Flash Memory To Last: Bake It

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Flash memory has a shelf life. Fortunately, blasting it with heat seems to help.


Reminder: Deathstroke Goes After ‘Arrow’ Tonight

By | 183 Comments

'Arrow' follows up a mediocre episode with Deathstroke. I can live with that.


Google Glass Will Stop Working If Someone Yanks Them Off Your Face


Somehow, we think worrying about Google Glasses being stolen by thieves won't be much of a concern. Thieves don't generally want to look like dorks.


The Cryoscope: Figure Out the Temperature By…Feel?


Ever since Apple turned "haptic" into a buzzword, we always feel vaguely ill seeing something called "haptic".


Scientists Finally Figure Out Reusable Spray-On Clothing


Ever wish you didn't have to do all that annoying shopping for clothes.


The Legos Have Built a Bridge Crosser: Sniper Robots Next?

By | 3 Comments

Legos, the joyously nerdy construction technology, are used to do everything from <a href="">have our fun for us</a> to <a href="">building small tanks to annoy your coworkers with</a>.

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