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A Nebraska Man Is Building A Warp Drive In His Own Garage

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In a world where building a warp drive seemed an impossible feat, one man dared dream big enough to try and make it a reality.


Nebraska Has Fired Head Football Coach Bo Pelini, Effective Immediately


The news comes after Nebraska grabbed its ninth win of the season against Iowa on Friday.


An Incredibly Racist Sign ‘Thanking’ Africa For AIDS And Ebola Is Causing Controversy In Nebraska

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A resident of Minden, otherwise known as the "Christmas City," decided to thank the African continent for AIDS, Ebola, and Obama.


This Week in Netflix And Streaming: ‘Scream 4′, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’, and ‘Nebraska’

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Remember when the Pirates were fake and the Screams were real? Us neither! But they're both on Netflix Streaming!

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Watch How High Nebraska’s Quarterback Gets On This Unbelievable Hurdle


This basically constitutes football porn from Nebraska's Tommy Armstrong, Jr.


Is This The Greatest False Start In Football History?

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Best false start ever? Best false start ever.

#College Football

Here’s That Wild 58-Yard Game-Winning Touchdown From Nebraska’s Ameer Abdullah

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Ameer Abdullah's highlight reel catch and run gave Nebraska a last second win over McNeese State.


A ‘Cops’ Crew Member Was Shot And Killed While Filming An Armed Robbery

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During a call for an armed robbery at a Wendy's in Omaha, a 'Cops' sound guy was shot and killed.


A Nebraska Inmate Had His Testicles ‘Partially Detatched’ By A Fellow Inmate

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Two murderer inmates at the Douglas County Jail in Nebraska got into a fight and somebody's testicles were partially ripped off. Happy Weekend!

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Guess What Happened To These Kids Who Took Prom Photos While Crowded Onto A Small Bridge?

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These high school students in Piece, Nebraska made the mistake of gathering on a bridge on the property of their classmate to take some photos before prom.

Xavier University

A Breakdown Of 7 Major Conference Tournaments


Many may argue conference tournament week is better than the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament.


Today In Totally Adorable: Kids Reenacting The 2014 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

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Cinefix and Mom.me have teamed up to recreate scenes from the Best Picture nominees with children, and the result is adorably awesome.


And The 86th Academy Awards Nominations Go To…

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Hollywood is up bright and early this morning to present the nominees for the the 86th Academy Awards.


‘Nebraska’ Review: Why is This Funny Movie Trying to Give Me Seasonal Affective Disorder?

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Stripmalltown, Anywheresville is always being unilaterally celebrated or ridiculed in pop culture, when, for those of us who were born there, it's never quite that simple.


The Secret To The LA Clippers’ Success: Will Forte’s Gross Fingernails

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Comedian Will Forte stopped by Conan to explain how his gross fingernail superstition has helped the Los Angeles Clippers rise to greatness.


Weekend Movie Guide: Finally, That ‘Best Man’ Sequel We Needed

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The Best Man Holiday is the only film opening wide this weekend, so enjoy it if that's the movie you're dying to see.


Trailer for Nebraska, Alexander Payne’s black & white lottery epic starring Macgruber

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Alexander Payne directed Election, one of the best comedies of all time, as well as Sideways, About Schmidt, and The Descendants, not to mention producing the criminally underseen Cedar Rapids.


Jack Nicholson reportedly retires from acting due to memory loss

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Well this is probably the crappiest non-world politics news you'll read all day.

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