The Godfathers (Kool G. Rap And Necro)

Studio Sessions With The Godfathers, Kool G. Rap And Necro


Any talks of regionalism in Hip-Hop meets eye-rolls wherever you're at. At the same time there's something great about hearing hometown sounds blast in the face of modern music. Necro and Kool G. Rap set out to do just that: stand firm on NY rap's long lineage with the streets and hard beats.

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5 Albums Coming Out This Week That Don’t Suck

The best new albums released this week, including Lil B, Rick Ross, the Toadies, and Blur (kind of).

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Mr. Muthaf*ckin’ eXquire – Lost In Translation Mixtape


Navigating all the music that releases resembles combing the beach with a metal detector.

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