Pill x DJ Holiday – The Epidemic Mixtape

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With or without the MMG billing, <a href="">Pill's</a> lyrical holocaust is keeping his name spreading across Twitter and random MTV tidbits like a plague.

Young Dro

Donnis x Nick Catchdubs – Southern Lights Mixtape

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<a href=""> Way over yonder, across the Georgia skyline, sits a manchild with the ability to mix up his own blend of dance on dance and lyrical sensibilities that should make the entire world adopt a southern's charm, soon enough. If you see <a href="">Donnis</a> cooling out on a porch in the backwoods with his Ray-Bans on, just know he's seeing the bigger picture through the Southern Lights.

The Invitation

Donnis Feat. CurT@!n$ & GLC – “Maybe Baby”

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<a href=""> For a full-on push prior to dropping the full-length Fashionably Late, Donnis picked the cream of crop from this summer’s <a href="">The Invitation</a> mixtape as a way to remind us he’s still planning on bum rushing the Class of 2010 awards.


Donnis x Clinton Sparks x DJ Ill Will & Rockstar – Fashionably Late

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<a href=""> The tape that told you it would be there in five minutes, only to arrive five months later is finally here to rock, rap and rollout in disorderly fashion. <a href="">Donnis</a> basks in the glory as the guest of honor and Clinton Sparks, DJ Ill Will & Rockstar all share hosting duties for Fashionably Late: The Mixtape.


Pill – “On Da Korner” Video

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<a href=""> With the influx of music that's come across our paths over the past few weeks it's been hard to keep my head above water. <a href="">Pill's</a> latest <a href="">1140: The Overdose</a> kinda got lost in the shuffle, actually there's no kinda about it - after two or three listens it was on the next one.


Donnis x DJ Infamous x DJ Holiday – The Invitation

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<a href=""> While everybody has eagerly RSVP'd for the upscale <a href="">Fasionably Late</a> gala, Donnis would like to cordially invite you to his 18+ street event first.

Tha Bizness

Pill x DJ Drama – 1140: The Overdose

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<a href=""> In case you haven't figured it out, Pill applies his life to a metaphor in perfect context to the environment around him. His addictive lyrical abilities act as stimulants to the audio senses to keep you, the fiends, coming back for more. And since his high hasn't came down since he was named a top freshman in the game and <a href="">shutting down SXSW stages</a>, his co-signer <a href="">XXL </a>acts as the middle man for his latest street shipment <a href="">1140: The Overdose</a>.


Donnis Is Fashionably Late With His New EP & Mixtape

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<a href=""> After scoring big with "<a href="">Gone</a>," Donnis and producer Needlz hook up for yet another club banger with the infectious Rihanna-influenced "Yup.

Statik Selektah

“As Told To…” Joe Scudda’s Not Your Average Joe

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Through no fault of his own, <a href="">Joe Scudda's Not Your Average Joe EP</a> probably won't rank as #1 on his 2010 "Best Memories" list when it's all said and done.


Donnis – “Gone” Video

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<a href=""> Wanna party like <a href="">Donnis</a>.


Donnis – “OD”

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When you're feelin' it, you're hot and when you're hot, you're sizzling.

Tha Bizness

10.Deep Presents Donnis – Diary Of An Atlanta Brave

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Dan Solo sent this thru on Friday but I was too busy picking out my outfits for the weekend (I'm a star, baby.

Tha Bizness

Donnis – “Over Do It”

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No more snacks and morsels for this kid.

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