Young Chris

Freeway, Neef, Young Chris, Memphis Bleek & Peedi Crakk – “Roc Reloaded”

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While Hot 97 has been in the news recently for less than exemplary reasons, I'll be forever indebted to the station for the night Jay-Z brought his newly-formed Roc clique to the station and let his guys rip apart beats for an hour more than a decade ago.


Neef Buck & Freeway – “With Or Without”

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Not content to stand on the edge of the stage while others glad hand and snap flicks, Neef Buck and Freeway force their respective ways into the frame with their new track “With or Without.

Young Gunz

Chris & Neef Are Back In Business

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<a href=""> It's 2010 and Chris and Neef are back being friends or at least partners in rhyme for this Don Cannon-hosted <a href="">Back To Business</a> mixtape.

Young Gunz

Young Gunz – “We Back” x “What We Doin'”

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<a href=""> Well well, what do we have here? We have the Young Gunz back together again, at least long enough to drop a Back To Business mixtape on July 23rd. And to show their rediscovered cohesive nature, they've incorporated the word "we" into both song titles. Let's hope that they make more hard-hitting tracks like "We Back" instead of attempting to make club-oriented music like "What We Doin'," which falls a little short of the mark. Either way, we're happy they're back together again. <a href="">Young Gunz - "We Back" (Prod. By CertifyD)</a> | <a href="">Download</a> <a href="">Young Gunz Feat. Meek Millz - "What We Doin'" (Prod. By Jahlil Beats)</a> | <a href="">Download</a>.

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