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Rogen And Efron Will Be Back And Battling Sororities In ‘Neighbors 2′

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'Neighbors 2' is happening, except this time Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne are taking on a sorority house.


Charlie Day Mistakenly Keeps Getting Zac Efron’s Creepy Fan Mail


Charlie Day and Zac Efron are real life neighbors and it's getting confusing for Efron's die-hard fans and their fan mail.


This Week In Netflix And Streaming: ‘The Firm’, ‘Alfie’, and Madonna!

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What's new on Netflix Instant and Streaming? Laremy will tell you, in This Week in Netflix and Streaming. Tom Cruise!


Weekend Box Office: ‘Neighbors’ Earns $85 Million Worldwide, One Of Biggest R-Rated Comedies Ever

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'Neighbors' became the third highest-opening non-sequel, non-animated R-rated comedy of all time.


5 Times Seth Rogen Has Conquered The Internet


Seth Rogen has shifted his sights from movie domination to internet king.

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In Defense Of Zac Efron: We’ve Rounded Up Some Of Television’s Worst Neighbors

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With the release of 'Neighbors', we thought it would be an appropriate time to reflect back upon some of television's worst neighbors.


REVIEW: Neighbors, In Which Some Really Funny People Make A Mediocre Movie

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Neighbors is a lot of funny people doing funny stuff in a not-that-funny movie.


Seth Rogen Partied With Some Pikes At UVM And It Was Totally Sick, Bro

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Pikes at the University of Vermont raised more than $27,000 for Hilarity for Charity and got to meet Seth Rogen as a surprise.


Conan Forces Dave Franco To Answer For James Franco’s Odd Social Media Lifestyle

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James Franco seems to be making life difficult on his brother's media tour with his nude painting, teen banging, social media lifestyle.


The Most And Least Anticipated Movies Of Summer 2014: Part 1

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X-Men, Spider-man 2, Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers 4 - we sift through Summer 2014's movie offerings and tell you what's what.

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Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, And Aaron Rodgers Made A State Farm Commercial Or Something

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Seth Rogen calls Aaron Rodgers "The State Farm Guy" in this new promo for Neighbors/ESPN.


Zac Efron And Seth Rogen Have A Dildo Fight In The New Red Band Trailer For ‘Neighbors’

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The red band trailer for 'Neighbors' reveals a much raunchier comedy, as Seth Rogen and Zac Efron wage a prank war against each other.


Rose Byrne Sounds Like She's FRAHM BAHSTAHN In The New 'Neighbors' Trailer

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In the new trailer for 'Neighbors,' Rose Byrne shows off one hell of a cartoonish Boston accent.


Sh*t’s About To Get Real In The New Red Band Trailer For ‘Neighbors’

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In case you missed the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco on Monday night, the event was also the launch party for a new series of TV spots for the film Neighbors, which stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as a young couple suddenly dealing with some obnoxious frat boy neighbors.


ABC Picks Up Full Season Orders On Two Shows, AMC Renews One

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ABC picks up full seasons of 'Scandal' and 'Neighbors,' While AMC renews 'Hell on Wheels'

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