Neil Armstrong’s Widow Found The Astronaut’s Secret Stash Of Forgotten Moon Stuff

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Sorry, no aliens were being kept from us. Just regular vintage space stuff.


Important News: Neil Armstrong Gave Felix Baumgartner Advice On Space Pooping


In what we have dubbed one of our most important and biggest sports moment of 2012, and according to my team of hard-working fact-checkers, Austrian daredevil and Red Bull pimp Felix Baumgartner flew to the edge of the Earth, approximately 24 miles above the ground, and jumped from his tiny capsule to earn the title of the Craziest Bastard That You’ll See This Year.


NASA Remembers Neil Armstrong


NASA Television released this 13 minute tribute to Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) on Thursday, a day before the first man to walk on the moon was buried at sea.


Remembering Neil Armstrong, The 'White-Socks, Pocket-Protector, Nerdy Engineer'

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Let's take a moment to elaborate upon just how awesome Neil Armstrong was. Bonus: Buzz Aldrin punches a moon landing denier.


Neil Armstrong Tribute


Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on a world that was not Earth, has died.

Neil Young

NBC News Confuses Neil Young, Who Is Alive, With Neil Armstrong, Who Is Dead

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Shortly after astronaut Neil Armstrong died, NBC News published an article claiming that folk singer Neil Young passed away. He did not.

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