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Andrew Wiggins And Jordan Clarkson Highlight The All-Rookie First Team

Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Clarkson highlight the All-Rookie Teams, a group that doesn't accurately portray strength of the rookie class.


Andrew Wiggins Is Reportedly The NBA’s 2014-15 Rookie Of The Year

The former No. 1 overall pick will become the first Minnesota Timberwolves player to receive the honor.

2015 NBA Rookie of the Year

Dime Roundtable: ‘Dreaming’ Up The NBA Rookie Of The Year For Flip Saunders

We has through the NBA candidates for Rookie of the Year to see if Flip Saunders is right that Andrew Wiggins is the prohibitive favorite.


Nerlens Noel Goes Off For 30 Points And 14 Rebounds Against The Clippers

Nerlens Noel is one of the most disruptive rookie defenders of all-time, and he just dropped 30 points on arguably the league's most talented frontcourt. Still don't think the future is bright for the Philadelphia 76ers?


Nerlens Noel Embarrasses Lou Amundson With Statement Block In Sixers’ Win Over Knicks

The Philadelphia 76ers were favored for the first time all season against the New York Knicks, and lived up to Vegas' expectations with a 97-81 win. Plays like this from Nerlens Noel are the main reason why.

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Rudy Gobert Says Nerlens Noel Was ‘Talking Too Much’ After Friday’s Dual Technicals

22-year-old Frenchman, Rudy Gobert, got into a tiff with Nerlens Noel on Friday, but Rudy doesn't need to jaw with a peer to prove himself.


Watch Nerlens Noel Absolutely Devour Jonas Valanciunas’ Brave Dunk Attempt

Nerlens Noel isn't exactly a behemoth – the lithe rookie is listed at a perhaps generous 228 pounds. And considering his well-established shot-blocking prowess, the best way to challenge him mano-a-mano really might be trying to power right through him. But Valanciunas doesn't have the length or explosive athletic ability to take a hit from Noel and stay elevated, let alone rise above him.


Get That Outta Here! Nerlens Noel Comes From Weak Side To Swat Nene’s Hook Shot Out Of Bounds

Nerlens Noel averaged 1.0 block per game in November. He swatted 1.5 shots in December, 2.2 in January, and is notching an impressive 2.8 blocks in February. Just what will the Philadelphia 76ers rookie rim-protector do for March?

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Video: Rudy Gobert Swallows Nerlens Noel’s Dunk Attempt, Gives Knowing Stare

Rudy Gobert had already embarrassed Nerlens Noel by absolutely swallowing the ambitious rookie's dunk attempt. The strut and stare-down that follows is down emasculating.


Video: Joel Embiid Defends Nerlens Noel During Sixers Practice


The Philadelphia 76ers aren't nearly as bad as casual NBA fans believe they are.


GIF: Nerlens Noel Rejects Kent Bazemore’s Dunk With Towering Block

The Atlanta Hawks won their nineteenth consecutive game last night, setting a NBA record for most victories (17) over a calendar month in the process.


Video: Nerlens Noel Leads Break, Throws Lefty Lob To Jakarr Sampson For Dunk

The gift and curse of first-year players is that their evolution is fluid.

Tony Wroten

Breaking Down A Kentucky Vs. Philadelphia 76ers Seven-Game Series


The Kentucky Wildcats and the Philadelphia 76ers are two basketball programs with completely different goals this season.


Watch Nerlens Noel Show Off Impressive Floor Game with Behind-The-Back Dish

Some would surely say that we've been devoting too much time to Nerlens Noel at this space in the season's early going, and there's merit behind that critique.


Video: Nerlens Noel Rejects James Harden’s Dunk Attempt With Authority

The Philadelphia 76ers didn't get the win over the Houston Rockets tonight, but Nerlens Noel should be proud of his performance nonetheless.

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