Cameron Diaz

Rum & Rom-Coms With Alison Stevenson: ‘The Sweetest Thing’

By | 27 Comments

In honor of 'Sex Tape,' here's a review the 2002 romantic comedy 'The Sweetest Thing,' starring Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate.

Bruce Lee

The 12 Highest Rated Kung Fu Movies On Netflix

By | 57 Comments

Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Jackie Chan all make their way into Netflix's highest rated martial arts movies.


This Week In Netflix And Streaming: Louis CK And ‘The Raid 2′

By | 26 Comments

Wondering what to watch on Netflix and streaming? 'Louis CK Hilarious,' 'The Raid 2,' and 'Bad Words' lead this week's offerings.

independence day

The 12 Highest Rated Patriotic Movies On Netflix To Stream Over The July 4th Weekend

By | 53 Comments

Netflix has you covered with some traditional and not so traditional patriotic offerings for July 4th weekend.

adam sandler

Stream ‘Em If You Got ‘Em: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, June 5, 2014

By | 33 Comments

Laremy counts down all the best new movies on Netflix Instant and streaming.


What’s New In Television On Netflix This Week

By | 13 Comments

The latest additions, expirations, and news pertaining to Netflix's TV catalogue.


The 12 Highest Rated Sports Movies On Netflix Streaming

By | 16 Comments

The best sports flicks on Netflix streaming will have you feeling like a major league champ in no time.


8 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' Episodes You Need To Memorize On Netflix Instant

By | 60 Comments

Before "Mystery Science Theater 3000" returns, watch these eight episodes on Netflix.


10 Shows That Desperately Need To Be Added To Netflix Streaming

By | 81 Comments

Can someone explain why "Taxi" isn't on Netflix Instant?


Netflix Introduced A Generation Of Americans To The Word ‘Queue’

By | 112 Comments

Before Netflix, Americans didn't know how to pronounce "queue."


The 12 Highest Rated Horror Films On Netflix Streaming

By | 55 Comments

Sex-crazed teenagers beware, Netflix is full of chainsaw-wielding psychos with an unquenchable blood-lust.


Stream Them If You’ve Got Them: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, Mar 6, 2014

By | 29 Comments

What should you watch on Netflix Instant while getting blazed in your Winnie? Laremy has all the answers.


The 12 Highest Rated Westerns On Netflix Streaming

By | 64 Comments

Giddy up compadres because Netflix has a posse of classic westerns ready to stream.


The 7 Highest Rated Political Offerings On Netflix To Satisfy Your ‘House Of Cards’ Withdrawal


If you've already burned through season 2 of 'House Of Cards,' Netflix has you covered with some other political offerings worth streaming.


The 12 Highest Rated Crime Thrillers And Dramas On Netflix Streaming

By | 22 Comments

Psycho killers, drug pushers and hard-nosed cops are all here for your entertainment with the highest rated crime movies streaming on Netflix.

Action Movies

The 12 Highest Rated Action And Adventure Movies On Netflix Streaming

By | 31 Comments

If you're looking for explosions and fistfights, look no further than the highest rated action and adventure movies available on Netflix Instant.


The 12 Highest Rated Comedy Movies On Netflix Streaming

By | 38 Comments

If you're looking for belly laughs with your Netflix viewing, these are 12 surefire bets according to viewers.


Stream Them if You’ve Got Them: Your Guide To Netflix And Streaming, Jan 28th

By | 10 Comments

What Netflix movie should you watch tonight? Find out, with "Stream Them If You've Got Them," a feature about our latest picks in streaming.


Stream At Your Own Risk: The 10 Most Terrible Gay & Lesbian Films On Netflix

By | 45 Comments

Heather explores the saddest, darkest and loneliest corner of gay life, known as “Netflix: Gay & Lesbian.”


Finally, A Website That Randomly Chooses Nicolas Cage Movies For You On Netflix

By | 9 Comments

'Nicolas Cage Roulette' is perfect for the Nic Cage fan that doesn't care which movie he watches on Netflix as long as it stars Nic Cage.

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