The WWE Network Finally Launches Internationally Today. Sort Of.

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The WWE finally brings it's 24-hour streaming and on demand service to over 170 countries world wide. Well...mostly.


Canadian Porn Channels Are Being Reprimanded For Not Showing Enough Canadian Porn

By | 31 Comments

The CRTC has reprimanded three Canadian porn networks because they don't air the required amount of Canadian-made pornography.


T-Mobile To Solve Its Problems By Merging With MetroPCS

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T-Mobile is basically going to make a series of bad hookups and awkward choices, a bit like everybody else coming off a failed marriage to major corporation.


Predicting The 15 Shows That Will Survive The Network TV Season

By | 22 Comments

Based on the success rates in previous years, only 15 shows will survive until a second season. These are the 15 that make it.

TV Shows

Why Borders Are Pointless In SF Television

By | 5 Comments

As you may know, our Congress is currently in the process of fleeing from Hollywood-written anti-piracy bills like lemmings as annoyed Americans weigh in on the process.

Online TV

What’s Happening With Hulu?

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Hulu is arguably the one good idea the TV conglomerates have had in the past ten years: put TV online, stick some ads in there, and show it for free.

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