Instead Of Throwing Out Your Christmas Trees This Year, Let Some Goats Eat Them

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Instead of throwing out your Christmas trees this year and creating fire hazards, you should feed them to hungry, adorable goats.


Patriot Rancher Cliven Bundy Is Back With A Friend And A Message For Those Who Called Him Racist

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Cliven Bundy returns to prove he is a brave white man that isn't afraid to talk about race, even in awkward political ads.


Deonte Burton Draft Diary Volume 1: The Combine, The Transition & Preparation

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Senior Nevada guard Deonte Burton and Dime have come together to give readers an inside look at the life of an NBA prospect.


A Woman Just Received The Letter Her Father Wrote To Her Before He Died In WWII

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A 69-year old woman in Nevada was presented with a letter that her father wrote to her just days before she was born and he was killed in action in WWII.


Unemployment Rate Be Damned: One Of Tiger Woods’ Mistresses Is A Prostitute Now

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Believe it or not, there is apparently other news being made today, as opposed to whatever that nonsense is that’s going on at my local library.


Man accidentally shoots himself in the butt during Bourne Legacy

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Ever since the Aurora theater massacre, people have felt an acute need to protect themselves when they head to the theater, and that means guns.


But Will There Be Three-Boobed Hookers? Alien-Themed Brothel Coming To Nevada

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Dennis Hof is the owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch featured on HBO's Cathouse reality series and the owner of four other brothels as well.


Who Fought the Law and Who Won?


Crime is always a reliable topic for news reportage, because the laws of man and the laws of human stupidity intersect on a fairly regular basis.


Can The Hybrid Save Toyota's Image?

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Earlier this year, Toyota found itself in the midst of public crosshairs as a series of recalls of the company’s most popular vehicles turned the world’s No.

Ryan Gomes

Portland’s Biggest Offseason Pick-Up Is Ready To Dominate

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It's never fun to be the last player in the green room on Draft Day.


DimeTV: The Draft’s Top Secret Is Out

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It's just hours before the Draft, and there are still guys out there who fans may know nothing about.

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