Superman Is Getting A New Power And A New Costume That’s Sure To Upset Comic Fans

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DC Comics is giving Superman a new super power and a new costume with a bit of a flair.

phantom stranger

The Phantom Stranger Faces Judgement In Our Exclusive Preview Of ‘Phantom Stranger: Future’s End’ #1


The Phantom Stranger faces a jury of what are decidedly not his peers in this exclusive preview!


4 ‘New 52′ Series That Started Great Then Lost Their Way

By | 9 Comments

These are the New 52 titles that seemed full of potential a year ago, but have since lost their way...


Fox Affiliate Discovers New 52, Freaks Out

By | 10 Comments

If there's one thing we nerds can rely on, it's a Fox News affiliate getting nerd culture horribly, awfully wrong.


The Five Comics of the New 52 You Must Be Reading

By | 17 Comments

We took a look at the New 52 after it launched, and found that a few absolutely excruciating missteps aside, it was actually pretty good.

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