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“The Hip Hop Dance Experience” Goes Behind The Scenes With Ben J Of The New Boyz

The New Boyz left their dent in music and playlists nationwide with their dance-inspired hit "I'm A Jerk" Now, fans who jammed along to the chart-topping ditty from the Cali-based duo will be able to duke it out against their friends interactively, thanks to The Hip Hop Dance Experience.

Vanessa Nina

8.2 The Cooler


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You're A Jerk

“Bunz” – Review Of New Boyz’ Skinny Jeanz And A Mic


No matter how good a job you’ve done of avoiding the traditional outlets of commerical Hip-Hop (radio & television,) it’s nigh impossible you’ve managed to miss out on the ubiquitous “You’re a Jerk,” by teen group the New Boyz.

You're A Jerk

TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With New Boyz


With jerk fever gripping the nation with fluorescent, polka-dotted fists, it's safe to the say that the New Boyz have successfully carved a niche that has earned them recognition as well as enough dollar signs to set the standards on weekly allowance.

New Boyz

No, You’re A Jerk.


In the LC Weber shopping-mall-circa-1993 analogy, New Boyz is a hole in the wall that sells off-brand fitteds in ugly colors, next to Scrayper Boyz.

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