Did You Notice When These Popular TV Shows Changed Their Theme Songs?

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These popular shows made dramatic changes to their themes songs, for better or worse.


What’s On Tonight: ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’ Goes Old School For Its Two-Hour Season Premiere

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ABC's giving us another installment in the Marvel Universe with the spunky spy heroine.


‘New Girl’ Has New Opening Credits And Zooey Deschanel Is Not A Fan

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Zooey Deschanel was asked about the new 'New Girl' opening credits and things get TENSE.


Here’s Why Mick Foley Turned Down The Chance To Be Zooey Deschanel’s Santa Claus

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The hardcore legend's one-man show is heading to TV, but why did he turn down a role on one of his favorite comedies?

The Flash

What’s On Tonight: The First Of What Will Probably Be Many More Superhero TV Spin-Offs

By | 7 Comments

The series premiere of 'The Flash' and Papa Bear is on 'The Daily Show'


A Very Educational And Inspirational Ranking Of Our Favorite TV Teachers

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Celebrate World Teachers' Day with this very scientific ranking of the TV teachers who made going to class seem way more fun.


Fox’s $50 Million TV Experiment Has Bombed, Will Be Yanked From Tuesday Nights

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It's not the first 'cancellation' of the fall, but it's pretty damn close.


What’s On Tonight: New Fall Sitcoms On Fox, That’s What

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The return of 'New Girl' and 'The Mindy Project,' plus 'Sons of Anarchy.'


New Girl-isms: Your Guide To The Vocabulary Of ‘New Girl’

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If you're not using "boob jail" or "bronemies" at least once a week, something's wrong.


What’s New In Television On Netflix This Week: Only The Best Comic-Book Series On TV

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The latest additions, expirations, and news pertaining to Netflix's TV catalogue.


Everything You Need To Know About ‘New Girl’ Season Four: What’s Going On With Nick And Jess?

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All of the minor spoilers and casting news we could find about 'New Girl' season four.


Here Are Your Necessary Netflix Recommendations To Catch You Up On Fall TV

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Five shows you need to watch on Netflix in order to catch you up on Fall television.


Jake Johnson And Damon Wayans Jr. Are Here To Party In The 'Let's Be Cops' Red Band Trailer

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In the red band trailer for 'Let's Be Cops,' Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. take playing police to a whole new level.


How To Get With Alexandra Daddario, As Demonstrated By GIFs From 'New Girl'

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A look back at Alexandra Daddario's guest spot on 'New Girl'

#new music

Prince And Zooey Deschanel Make Sweet Musical Love On ‘FALLINLOVE2NITE’


The song Zooey Deschanel and Prince sang on "New Girl" has officially been released.

#brooklyn nine nine

What's On Tonight: Full Boyle Is Back!

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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and 'New Girl' are both new, with new Justified and Jason Bateman on Letterman.

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