Remember When Prince Made Pancakes For Zooey Deschanel On ‘New Girl’?

By | 25 Comments

Prince appeared on a scripted show for the first time 1997 last night.


Weekend Preview: Two Hours Of Awesome Commercials (Also, A Football Game)

By | 20 Comments

Highlights include The Super Bowl, 'Sherlock' season finale, Prince on 'New Girl,' and Seth Meyers' last episode on 'Saturday Night Live.'


Important Prince On ‘New Girl’ Update: He’s A Nick And Jess Shipper

By | 8 Comments

Prince gave Zooey Deschanel "hip tips." Prince should be in everything.

#brooklyn nine nine

Fox Tuesday Night Comedy GIFtacular: Thanksgiving Don’ts Edition

By | 58 Comments

While enjoying my usual Tuesday night comedies, I noticed they provided some solid guidelines as to what not to do on Thanksgiving.

#brooklyn nine nine

Midseason Shake-Up: Fox Puts ‘The Mindy Project’ And ‘Dads’ On Hiatus

By | 23 Comments

Low ratings for 'The Mindy Project' and 'Dads,' means a schedule changes on Tuesdays for Fox.


Damon Wayans Jr. Will Remain On ‘New Girl’ Indefinitely, Now Please Stop Complaining About His Character

By | 47 Comments

Damon Wayans, Jr. has signed onto 'New Girl' for the rest of the season, so he will have plenty of time to develop the character.


A Comprehensive Guide To Costumes From This Year’s Halloween Episodes

By | 19 Comments

All the costumes from all of this year's Halloween episodes, from "New Girl" to "Trophy Wife."


New GIFs From This Week’s ‘New Girl': Michael Keaton Saves Halloween

By | 26 Comments

Let's quickly last night's most excellent Halloween episode of New Girl with GIFs, shall we?


What’s On Tonight: Which ‘New Girl’ Roommate Will Be Moving Out Of The Loft?

By | 35 Comments

'New Girl' starts working toward the return of Damon Wayans, Jr.,and Brooklyn Nine-Nine continues to improve.

#brooklyn nine nine

Here’s Your Fox Tuesday Night Comedy GIFtacular

By | 18 Comments

Fox has a pretty solid hour and a half of comedy on Tuesdays, so let's revel in some of the best GIFs.

#brooklyn nine nine

Here’s Your Fox Tuesday Night Comedy GIF Round Up

By | 23 Comments

It looks like Fox has a pretty solid hour and a half of comedy on Tuesdays, so let's revel in some of the best GIFs.


What’s On Tonight: Everyone Wants To Know What Will Happen To Winston’s New Cat

By | 44 Comments

The fate of Winston's cat on 'New Girl,' and the fate of Tig's life on 'Sons of Anarchy.'


ABC’s ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Lit Up The Nielsen Ratings, But ‘Lucky 7′ Bombed

By | 49 Comments

Great news for Whedon fans (and Jeff Garlin fans), but not so much for fans of lottery melodramas.


Celebrate The Return Of ‘New Girl’ With Jess And Nick’s Greatest GIF Moments

By | 13 Comments

A collection of the finest GIFs featuring Nick and Jess from "New Girl."


Five Labor Day Weekend Netflix Recommendations To Catch You Up On Fall TV

By | 39 Comments

Five quick Netflix recommendations to get you up to speed before the fall television season kicks off.

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