The New Hampshire Lottery Combines Winning Money With That Great Bacon Smell


New Hampshire's new 'I Heart Bacon' scratch-off game gives people who lost a dollar the consolation prize of smelling bacon.


Someone Is Selling A Pair Of Unicorns On Craigslist For The Low Price Of $1.8 Million

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A Craiglist ad in New Hampshire is offering a pair of unicorns for the low price of $925,000 each, but there are also unicorn eggs for sale.

rock out with your cock out

Woman Arrested 4 Times In 26 Hours For Refusing To Stop Rocking Out To AC/DC

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Some people might say that Joyce Coffey is a nuisance. I say she's an American hero for refusing to turn down the volume on "Highway to Hell" inside her New Hampshire (Live free or die, anyone?) home.

#Star Trek

Star Trek And Swag


This guy seems legit.


Big Face Animal Shirts Ain’t Your Grandpappy’s Three Wolf Moon

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The "Three Wolf Moon" phenomenon started at the end of 2008 when Brian Govern (possibly inspired by the lesser-known Born to Roam wolf shirt review thread from earlier that year) posted a hilarious Amazon review about the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt's mystical abilities to attract women.


NH State Rep: Anime means two nukes weren’t enough


So, you'd think that people understand that if you post things on Facebook, then people are going to find out about it.


New Hampshire’s Teacher Of The Year

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Where were Desperate Housewives and Cougar Town when I was in high school.



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    Five minutes later, this guy was ripped apart by a feral pack of supermodels.

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