Richard Stanley Is Working On A Remake Of ‘Island of Dr. Moreau,’ But ‘X-Rated’ This Time

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The director who was fired three days into the filming of 1996's 'Island of Dr. Moreau' dishes gossip and has been hired to write a remake.

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The OkCupid Date That Turned Into A Round-The-World Trip Is Becoming A Rom-Com

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A Salon writer's incredible story of her first date with a man she met on OkCupid has been optioned by New Line to be a rom-com.


‘Shazam!’ Won’t Tie Into Other DC Cinematic Universe Movies?

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New Line Cinema president Toby Emmerich reveals more about 'Shazam!', confirms Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's casting as Black Adam.


The Producers Of ‘Step Up’ Want To Make The Blind Side Of Ballerina Biopics

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New Line Cinema has optioned a memoir by a ballerina from the Wrong Side Of The Tracks with hopes of turning it into the next Blind Side.

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Rebel Wilson Will Star In A Very Unnecessary ‘Private Benjamin’ Remake

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New Line is remaking the 1980 Oscar-nominated comedy 'Private Benjamin' with Rebel Wilson because creativity is dead again.


'Portal' Fan Film Director Dan Trachtenberg Selected To Helm 'Y: The Last Man'

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Dan Trachtenberg from Totally Rad Show and fan film 'Portal: No Escape' is New Line Cinema's choice to direct 'Y: The Last Man'.


‘Age of the Hobbits’ Is Here To Make You Forget About Those Other Hobbits

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Lawyers for New Line Cinema and Zaentz Co. are threatening The Asylum with legal action if they don't change the title of 'Age of the Hobbits'.


‘Y: The Last Man’ Movie Adaptation May Be Coming Back, Now With Less Shia LaBeouf

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New Line Cinema is renewing interest in their 'Y: The Last Man' movie adaptation, no longer wants Shia LaBeouf to play the last man alive.

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Of Course Rampage Is Going To Be A Movie


With studios buying the film rights to windows, and try to find the woman in the red dress.


Roll ‘Em Up, Kids: They’re Rebooting The Vacation Franchise

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  New Line Cinema has hired writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein to reboot the classic Chevy Chase Vacation franchise, and if you’re about to shout at God and ask, “Why would they do this.


Frodo May Be In The Hobbit?


Both TheOneRing and Deadline are reporting that Elijah Wood may be appearing in The Hobbit as Frodo, which seems strange but TheOneRing offers an explanation.

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Cate Blanchett and Orlando Bloom in The Hobbit?


Just like last time, Peter Jackson has announced several cast members for The Hobbit at once.


Peter Jackson Announces Hobbit Cast

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Peter Jackson, MGM, Warner Brothers, and New Line Cinema have officially announced the cast of The Hobbit.



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One interesting phenomena of the movie business is that if you can get a star attached to a project, a studio will pay you, no matter how dumb or half-assed the pitch is, even if the entirety of your idea is a stick figure drawn on a napkin in lipstick under the words "time machine.

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