The Browns Release DRAMATIC New Logo Color, But The Brown Is Unchanged

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Cleveland has a whole new look for the 2015 season (OK, not really).


The New Dallas Stars Logo Is Great. Also, I’d Like A Quad Venti Soy Latte, Please

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Welcome to the new era of Dallas Stars hockey -- the one where everything is super green, stars get rounded off and the "Dallas Starbucks" joke is way too easy.


The University Of New Hampshire Paid $100K For New Logos That Its Students Don’t Like

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Like most American colleges, the old University of New Hampshire academic logo was long overdue for a makeover, so the school’s officials hired a big time company in New York City to whip up some fancy new logos that would make kids in the Northeast change the way they think about selecting schools.


These College Football Playoff Logos Are Boring, So Let’s Make Our Own

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It’s a lot of fun being an American sports fan, because we complain about pretty much everything there is to complain about, and when we finally get what we want, we complain even more.


Here Is Proof That UCONN Has Used Time Travel To Manipulate Basketball Victories

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The University of Connecticut’s athletics department decided that it was time for a change when it came to the school’s worn out sports logo that had been in use since the Paleolithic Era known as 2002.


A Definitive Gallery Of Your Favorite City’s Sports Team Logos Combined

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Often times, when I’m doing my morning interwebbrowsinggooglebingtumbletweet routine and sucking down 6 gallons of coffee, I’ll stumble across a picture or video that’s really cool, and I’ll be like, “Hey, the With Leather readers might like this” and then I realize that it’s three years old and it’s already been watermarked by 60 sites that had nothing to do with making it.


Whoops, We Forgot About The Murderer Part

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David Martin, president and general manager of new independent baseball Frontier League team the London Rippers, doesn't understand why people think he named the team after Jack the Ripper, the infamous serial killer who raped and murdered prostitutes.

taiwanese animation

For The First Time Ever, I Disagree With Taiwanese Animation

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Kansas' Chapman High School calls themselves the "Fighting Irish" and, like so many other high schools and rec league teams across the country, just copy-pastas the Notre Dame University leprechaun logo.


Leaked Logos Done Right: The New Jays

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What you see on the left is the classic logo of the Toronto Blue Jays, the one the Jays wore in 1977, the one they wore during back-to-back World Series championship wins in '92 and '93.


New Logo Idea: Alligator Holding Bat

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What you're looking at may or may not be the new Miami Marlins logo.


Is This The New Wizards Logo?

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It's no news that the Washington Wizards have been in the process of reverting back to their franchise's classic red, white, and blue color scheme, because I guess that's what you do when you play in the nation's capital.


Is This The Future Of The Nets?

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Back in September, a pair of Philadelphia lawyers registered the name “Brooklyn New Yorkers” for trademark protection, as well as a series of logos and the slogan “We Come To Play”, according to the fine people at Nets Daily.

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