Tom Benson

Saints Owner Tom Benson Buys New Orleans Hornets For Reported $340 Million

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After a year of uncertainty, the New Orleans Hornets finally have an owner.


Blake Griffin A Victim Of New Orleans Bounty Program?

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Watching <a href="">Blake Griffin</a> dunk and add your team to highlights is obviously frustrating for NBA players.


Will Ferrell Does NBA Player Intros, Reveals Carlos Boozer Still Lives With His Mother

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<a href="" target="_blank">Dirk Nowitzki</a> may have competition for best NBA announcer.


Morning Links: The Hive Is Open For Dot Biz

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We've <a href="">endorsed him for New Orleans Hornets owner</a> before, but comedian-slash-pro-wrestling-manager-slash-<a href="">Air-Sex-Pioneer</a>-slash-everything-else Chris Trew should already be running the team and throwing together Alonzo Mourning handshakes for pregame festivities.


@Storytime: Ice Cube Might Have To Use His AK On David Stern

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There was already a week’s worth of backlash in the media over David Stern* blocking the trade between the New Orleans Hornets and the Los Angeles Lakers that would have teamed Chris Paul with Kobe Bryant by the time that the league announced that Paul had instead been traded to the L.


Eric Gordon Isn’t Crying, It’s His Allergies


In what I would think is a pretty cool effort to show love to some people who suffer so much, the Los Angeles Clippers sent Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan and Eric Gordon on a bus ride with a group of season ticket holders.


Chris Paul Is Still Going To Los Angeles?


Now that the Los Angeles Lakers have focused their middle market superstar thievery on Dwight Howard, the New Orleans Hornets still need to find a taker for Chris Paul while maintaining a certain level of franchise value for attracting a new owner.


And David Stern Was All Like, LOL JK!

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Last night, it was like Twitter had a stroke.


Remember When Carmelo Anthony Held His Team Hostage? That’s Chris Paul Now

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So it looks like I jumped the gun with the whole <a href="">"this Chris Paul thing will be fascinating"</a> because it's about as plain and simple as your mom's underwear.

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The Best Thing To Happen To The Hornets Since Larry Johnson Was A Grandmother

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If NBA ownership was decreed based on thoroughness of beard, this guy would own the entire league.


NBA Round-Up: The Bulls Are OK*

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*I was very disappointed that CBS Sports used "Bulls on Parade" as their headline this morning.


Kobe Hasn’t Jumped This High Since Last Friday

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<a href=""> Phil, <a href="">Kobe</a> and the gang tried to pull the usual jedi mind tricks surrounding Kobe's ankle.


A Joke About How Caracter Sounds Like Character

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What is it about pregnant ladies that makes athletes want to punch them so badly.

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NBA Round-Up: Kevin Durant Is Decent

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Last night’s NBA Playoffs action was pretty much business as usual, so I’ll be light on controversy and superstar accusations today.


Watch Chris Paul Land On His Head

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During Sunday's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets ran into Ramon Sessions, hitting his head and going down on the floor.


Are The Hornets Moving To San Jose?

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It was reported last month that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen had sold a considerable amount of stock (an epic buttload, I believe is the technical term) as a precursor to buying the Charlotte New Orleans Hornets and moving them to Seattle.


Are The Hornets Moving To Seattle?

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Wow, what a day for speculation in the NBA.


Who Would You Pay More To See?

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<a href=""> I made my weekly trip to the barber a few days after <a href="">LeBron's decision</a> and the discussion of the shop was rightfully on him.

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