With Leather’s Watch This: Not The Election

I don’t mean to imply that we couldn’t watch any sports last night.


Video: Anthony Davis Explores New Orleans, Plays 1-on-1 With Mannie Fresh

Life is hectic for any NBA rookie, and this year, no one's life is more hectic than that of the Hornets' Anthony Davis.


Video: Anthony Davis Knocked Out of Game With Concussion

Anthony Davis was knocked out of tonight's Hornets/Jazz game with a concussion he received on this collision with Austin Rivers.


With Leather Decision Time: Help Me Pick An NBA Team


It's NBA season, and I desperately need to stop dicking around and pick a team to follow.

#LeBron James

With Leather's Watch This: So Much NBA

Lost in all of today’s hubbub about the Heat looking like they’re already prepared for the NBA Finals, the Lakers looking like they’re already approaching a Kobe Bryant mopefest and Kevin Garnett needing a big hug was the fact that as of yesterday, we can no longer make jokes about LeBron James not having a ring.

#Chris Paul

How To Be A Superfan In The Southwest Division

The 2012-13 NBA regular season is right around the corner.


Paul Pierce Drops Buckets In A Loss; Chicago Shows Off Their New Point Guard

For years, even as he masqueraded between the NBA's best passer and a subsequent weirdo off the court, we heard the Celtics' were Rajon Rondo's team.


Boozer Answers His Critics; Dallas Gets A Beatdown In Spain

Midway through the third quarter of their eventual 92-88 takedown of Memphis, Chicago opened up a 14-point lead as Kirk Hinrich went all 2004 on us.


Trew To The Game At New Orleans Hornets Media Day: Love, Gospel & Books On Tape

In case you ever wanted to hear Anthony Davis sing, here's the latest episode of Trew To The Game, about New Orleans Hornets Media Day.


Dwight Howard Wants To Work With Another Hall Of Fame Center; Rajon Rondo A Green Bay Packer?

This weekend on Twitter, Dwight Howard told his followers he planned to take over Andrew Bynum's spot in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Post Science 101 class as soon as doctors cleared him to resume basketball activity.


The Bobcats Want To Trade Their Biggest Underachiever; Nets Look For A Secret Weapon

When we talk about the NBA's biggest enigmas, why doesn't anyone ever mention Tyrus Thomas.


Dirk Nowitzki “Bleeds Blue”; Kevin Durant’s Time Is Now

The Mavericks have stayed on our radar more than Tropical storm Isaac in the south after owner Mark Cuban's rant about Jason Kidd, justification of not getting Deron Williams, and discussion of Jason Terry's place in Dallas lore.


Kobe Bryant Goes Berserk In China; LeBron Wants To Play In Rio

Once the Chinese fans texted Kobe Bryant's team a 29-point hole, it was go time.


Kobe Says Pau Gasol Will Stay In LA; The Nets Try To Make A Move

If you would've told us at any point during the past year that Pau Gasol's job security in July of 2012 would be locked up, we would've laughed.


Kobe Says Team USA Would Beat The Dream Team; Nets Move On Without Dwight Howard

It's that time of year again, or rather, that time of year that comes around once every four years when the same question is asked and we have to converse on the same debate.

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