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Anthony Davis Is ‘The Special Man’ In This Absurd New Orleans Pelicans Ticket Deal Commercial


Anthony Davis and some of his New Orleans Pelicans teammates portray characters from an iconic local TV commercial in a new ticket promo.

#Impact Wrestling

That Cheerleader Will Ferrell Knocked Out Is The TNA Knockouts Champion, Because Cheerleading Is A Work

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Will Farrell nailed the Knockouts Champ in the face with a basketball. If he hits Gail Kim with a football, is he the #1 Contender?

#Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell Was Dragged Out Of A New Orleans Pelicans Game At Halftime, But For A Good Reason

By | 22 Comments

Will Ferrell was at the New Orleans Pelicans game earlier, but ended up being led out of the arena at halftime after causing a scene.


JaVale McGee Gave This Denver Nuggets Fan The Night Of Her Life

By | 4 Comments

The seven-foot center fell into the chair next to a sweet little old woman, gave her a kiss on the cheek, then rejoined the game.


Here’s Anthony Davis Continuing To Do Unreal Things On The Basketball Court

By | 8 Comments

Is Anthony Davis your early season MVP? Because he's certainly playing like it.


Anthony Davis Was Amazing Last Night And Here Are The GIFs To Prove It

By | 14 Comments

Anthony Davis did something last night only Hakeem Olajuwon had done since 1985.


Dear New Orleans, Here’s How You Can Win Some Free Crown Royal And #ReignOn


In New Orleans? Want to party? And win free Crown Royal? Enter here.


#ReignOn Moment: Anthony Davis Has The Best Game Of His Career

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AD joins Dwight Howard as the only players in the last 10 years with a 40 point, 20 rebound game.

why god why?

Ashton Kutcher Continues To Make Lakers Games More Depressing Than They Are

By | 5 Comments

As if Lakers games weren't depressing enough for fans, they have to keep watching Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis play "Schmoopy!" at courtside.


The New Orleans Pelicans Took Crazy To Another Dimension With The King Cake Baby

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The King Cake Baby that used to haunt New Orleans Hornets games is back for the Pelicans as Mardi Gras nears.


Pierre The Pelican Finally Underwent His ‘Surgery’ And He’s Now Adorably Creepy

By | 14 Comments

The New Orleans Pelicans have Pierre the Pelican a far-less-creepy new face after the mascot suffered a "beak injury" in a game.


It Was Terrifying While It Lasted: Pierre The Pelican Is Getting A Head Replacement

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New Orleans Pelicans mascot Pierre the Pelican (you know, the terrifying one) is expected to get a head redesign in time for NBA All-Star Weekend in NOLA.


What The Hell Is Jacoby Jones Talking About In This Interview At The Pelicans Game?

By | 9 Comments

Jacoby Jones didn't pull a Richard Sherman. But he is in the early running for most awkward and hilarious interview of 2014.


TSS x Crown Royal x NBA = #ReignOn

By | 7 Comments

We'll be back at the NBA All-Star Game this year


The Pierre The Pelican Nightmare Continues With His Creepy New Sign

By | 9 Comments

Pierre the Pelican, nightmarish new mascot of the New Orleans Pelicans, continued to terrify everyone with a suspiciously creepy sign.


Watch Xavier Henry, LeBron James, Michael Beasley And Their OMG-Worthy Dunks

By | 14 Comments

No, really, there were actual NBA games played last night, too!

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