Jrue Holiday

The Sixers Were Ordered To Pay The Pelicans $3 Million For Not Disclosing Jrue Holiday’s Injuries

Last season, the Philadelphia 76ers had to pay the New Orleans Pelicans $3M in recompense for not disclosing Jrue Holiday's injury history.


Alvin Gentry Calls Anthony Davis The ‘Best Player In The NBA Not Named LeBron’

You can probably guess who he has No. 1 (hint: it's LeBron).

Alvin Gentry

A Champagne-Soaked Alvin Gentry Had A Message For Anthony Davis: ‘We’re Coming Right Back Here’

The Pelicans' newly hired coach, Alvin Gentry, won a title with the Warriors Tuesday night, and he had a message for his future player.

Tom Thibodeau

Report: Thibodeau Might ‘Watch Film For A Year’ If He Doesn’t Get A Coaching Gig

Several of the coaching vacancies around the NBA have already filled up, which means Thibs might have to find another way to occupy himself.


Steve Kerr On Departing Assistant Alvin Gentry: ‘I Leaned On Him The Most’

Gentry is off to coach the New Orleans Pelicans next year, which means head coach Steve Kerr will lose one of his mentors.


Jeff Van Gundy Says Anthony Davis ‘Could Be Coached By Someone Off The Street’

Jeff Van Gundy is right – anyone could coach Anthony Davis. But Alvin Gentry seems uniquely suited to goading the best from The Brow.


As Rumors Of His Interest In The Pelicans’ Job Swirl, John Calipari Commits To Staying At Kentucky

After another report indicating his interest in a NBA job, John Calipari reaffirmed his commitment to Kentucky.

Tom Thibodeau

The Pelicans Are Lurking In Case Tom Thibodeau Can Fill Their Coaching Vacancy


The Pelicans are in the market for a coach, and reportedly have set their sights on Tom Thibodeau.


Tom Thibodeau And John Calipari Could Be At The Top Of The Pelicans’ Coaching Search

The New Orleans Pelicans fired Monty Williams today, and a pair of sexy names have emerged as potential replacements to coach Anthony Davis.

Monty Williams

The New Orleans Pelicans Have Fired Head Coach Monty Williams


Like Mark Jackson last year, he took a young team to the playoffs, but was fired to make way for someone who might take them further.


Mike Conley Is Out For Game 4, But How Bad Is A Possible Prolonged Absence?

With all the star point guards in the Western Conference, Mike Conley still flies under the radar among casual fans, even though any smart basketball person will sing his praises.


Shocker! The Pelicans Are Going to Offer Anthony Davis a Max Extension

In a development that was as unsurprising as Hillary Clinton announcing she was running for President, the New Orleans Pelicans (why can’t they just be the New Orleans Jazz.

sports fandom

On Having A Front Row Seat To See Steph Curry Break The Hearts Of The Pelicans And Their Fans


What's it like to have a front row seat to see your team get shot in the heart by Steph Curry? It's gut-wrenching, but entertaining.

Steph Curry

The NBA Says Steph Curry Was Fouled On That Three-Pointer That Sent The Game To Overtime


The NBA admits officials missed several calls in Game 3 of the Warriors-Pelicans series, including a foul on Curry on his game-tying three.


This Pelicans Fan Put A Disturbing Tribute To Anthony Davis On His Chest

There has to be better ways of showing your love for Anthony Davis than this...

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