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Anderson Cooper Thinks A Quart Of Milk Costs $500, Doesn’t Know Who Tony Romo Is

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CNN's New Year's Eve coverage sounds like it was the usual Humiliate Anderson Cooper-fest.

jimmy kimmel live

Jimmy Kimmel Honored The Poor Souls Who Had To Hold Their Pee At Times Square On New Year’s Eve


Standing in Times Square on New Years Eve sounds like a nightmare even before you factor in that there are NO TOILETS.


Idina Menzel Addresses Her New Year’s Eve ‘Let It Go’ Flub

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Idina Menzel messed up the final note of 'Let It Go' on New Year's Eve, and has some ironic words for all the haters about it.


This Florida Man Rang In The New Year By Allegedly Smearing Ash On His Face And Stealing A Neighbor’s Car


A Florida man terrorized neighbors on New Year's Day, allegedly believing he was a 400-year-old Indian with ash smeared on his face.


This Guy Agreed To Pay Uber $117 For A Short New Year’s Eve Ride, And Now He Wants To Complain About It

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His complaints are gaining attention on Twitter, but considering Uber's advanced warning, sympathy is lacking. Also, he is a bro.

piers morgan

‘Piers Who?': Watch Anderson Cooper Burn Piers Morgan During CNN’s New Year’s Eve Coverage

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Everyone was waiting for the ball to drop last night but Anderson Cooper dropped the boom when he slammed Piers Morgan last night.


Happy New Year: Your Snapchat Could End Up In Times Square Tonight


Seems Snapchat will be running a live feed into NYC tonight for New Years. Yeah, that doesn't sound like it will end badly at all....


North Carolina Has Decided Against Using A Live Animal For Their Annual New Year’s ‘Possum Drop’

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PETA is working to stop the use of living opossums in Brasstown, North Carolina's annual New Year's Eve event known as 'The Possum Drop'.


What’s On Tonight (And Tomorrow): New Year’s Eve Countdowns, Football Bowl Games, And TV Marathons

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Spend New Year's Eve with Ryan Seacrest and New Year's Day with college football bowl games and a 'Fargo' marathon.

TGI Fridays

If You’re Looking For A Party This New Year’s Eve, TGI Friday’s In Times Square Is Here To Help For $300

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If you've ever wanted to spend New Year's Eve in Times Square, TGI Friday's thinks it has the perfect deal for you.

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This New Year’s Eve Package At Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen & Bar Will Set You Back More Than $1000

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The Couples VIP Package at Guy's American Kitchen & Bar costs a mere $999 plus gratuity and coat check.


New Year’s Eve Movie Moments That Exceed Anything That Could Possibly Happen In Real Life

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These New Year's Eve movie moments better, crazier, and more horrific than anything you'll experience when the calendar turns this year.


Ring In The New Year With This Playlist

Promoted by Tostitos

New Year's Eve is waiting, and so is this playlist.


Netflix Has A Plan To Help Parents Trick Their Kids Into Going To Bed Early On New Year’s

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Netflix will show a fake streaming countdown to help tired parents trick their kids into going to bed early on New Year's Eve.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver Returned To Give Helpful Advice On Avoiding The Horrors Of New Year’s Eve


John Oliver broke his holiday hiatus to give us a few specific excuses to use to avoid everything that sucks about New Year's Eve.


New Year’s Eve In Iceland, As Seen From A Drone Outfitted With A GoPro Camera

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YouTuber Andrés Sighvatsson describes: "Iceland at midnight on New Years via GoPro and Phantom Quad copter."


Craigslist Missed Connection: Nice Lady Seeks Stranger Who Pissed Himself When They Kissed On New Year’s Eve

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Combine this Bloomington, Indiana woman's missed connection with the Double Dick Dude's Reddit AMA and 2014 on the internet is off to a roaring start.

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